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Airport Name Code
85th Avenue Airstrip FD02
A I M Heliport 58FL
Able Airpark 5FD5
Academy Heliport 9FD6
Acres of Diamonds Airpark FA72
Adams Executive Heliport 7FL1
Adams Ranch Airport 7FL3
Adventure Island Heliport 2FD5
Aero Acres Airport FD88
Air Orlando Heliport 2FD7
Airglades Airport K2IS
Airport Manatee Airport 48X
Alachua General Hospital Heliport 57FL
Albert Whitted Airport KSPG
Alligator Drink Seaplane Base 0FL2
America's Chopper Pilots Heliport 1FL1
Ames Field 6FL8
Ancient Oaks Airport 39FD
Angel's Field FL52
Antiquers Aerodrome FD08
Apalachicola Regional Airport KAAF
Arcadia Municipal Airport KX06
Archer Emergency Heliport FA57
Arliss M Airport FA09
Arnold Palmer Hospital Heliport 3FD5
Arthur Dunn Air Park KX21
Ashley Field FL47
Atc Heliport 82FD
Aventura Heliport 05FD
Avon Park Executive Airport KAVO
B & L Farms Airport 11FA
Babcock H.Q. Airport FD59
Back Achers Airport 8FL3
Baggett Airpark FD39
Baggett STOLport FD57
Bahia Beach Heliport 18FL
Baptist Hospital Heliport 9FA8
Baptist Hospital Heliport FL85
Baptist Medical Center Heliport 7FD4
Baptist Medical Center of Nassau Heliport FD91
Baptist Medical Center/Beaches Heliport 45FD
Bartow High School Heliport FD65
Bartow Memorial Hospital Heliport 1FL7
Bartow Municipal Airport KBOW
Bartram Farms Air Park FL46
Bass Limited Airport 1FD2
Bay Helicopters Heliport 36FD
Bay Medical Center Heliport 8FL4
Bay Pines Veterans Administration Heliport FD64
Bay Seaplanes Seaplane Base 4FD4
Bayflite One Heliport 8FD8
Bayflite One Satellite Base Heliport 54FD
Bayfront Medical Center Inc Heliport 2FD3
Beach Mosquito Control District Heliport FA34
Belle Glade State Municipal Airport KX10
Bent Willies Airport 52FA
Berlin Heliport FL21
Bernie Little Heliport FL49
Berry Grove Airport 7FA8
Bethesda Memorial Hospital Heliport 88FD
Big 'G' Airport 0FD0
Big Cypress Airfield 59FD
Big Oaks Ranch Airport 6FD2
Bird Field FA11
Black Creek Pass Airport FA25
Blackcreek International Heliport 71FD
Blackwater Airfield 8FD3
Blackwater Creek Ultralightport 9FD2
Blanket Bay Airport 6FD5
Blue Head Ranch Airport 90FD
Blue Ridge Flightpark Airport 34FD
Blue Springs Airport 38FA
Bob Lee Flight Strip K1J6
Bob Paul Airport FL88
Bob Sikes Airport KCEW
Bob White Field X61
Boca Grande Helistop 5FD6
Boca Raton Airport KBCT
Bokeelia Helistop 5FD8
Bowman's Beach Helistop 4FD9
Br Ranch Airport 82FL
Bradley Airport FD31
Bradshaw Farm Airport FL62
Brady Heliport 2FL4
Brady Ranch Airport 80FD
Breezy Knoll Airport 0FD5
Britt Brown & Porter Ranch Airport 6FD6
Broadway Helicopters Heliport FA14
Broocke Air Patch Airport FL95
Brookins Air Strip 73FD
Brooksville International Airways, Inc. Heliport 2FL5
Broward County Civic Arena Heliport 2FL1
Broward General Medical Center Heliport 6FD8
Bso Public Safety Helistop FA10
Buchan Airport X36
Buchanan Airport 56FL
Buckingham Field FL59
Buckner Airport 8FD1
Budd Darling Heliport 24FD
Buddys Ag Service Airport 9FD9
Burnt Store Road Heliport 8FL9
Burntwood Ranch Airport FL43
Burrs Strip 14FA
Byrd Air Field 5FL4
Calhoun County Airport F95
Calhoun Sheriff's Heliport FD60
Caloosa Downtown Seaplane Base 29FA
Calusa Ranch Airport FL77
Camp Blanding Army Air Field/NG Airfield K2CB
Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL
Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip KXMR
Cape Canaveral Hospital Heliport 1FL8
Cape Coral Hospital Heliport FD66
Capeletti Heliport 84FL
Capra Farms Heliport 8FL7
Captiva Heliport 4FD8
Care Flight Heliport FL38
Carlstrom Field 92FL
Carrabelle Thompson Airport KX13
Carter Airport FL57
Cattle Creek Ranch Airport 50FD
Cecil Field KVQQ
Cedar Knoll Flying Ranch Airport 01FL
Cedar Lane Airport 5FL9
Celebration Health Hospital Heliport 77FL
Central District Police Station Heliport 7FD3
Central Florida Regional Hospital Heliport 2FA8
Chalet Suzanne Air Strip X25
Charlotte County Airport KPGD
Charlotte's Field 53FD
Charlton Strip 05FL
Cheryl-Lane Landings Airport 09FD
Chiefland Sky Ranch Airport 51FL
Chinsegut Airport 5FD7
Chipola Airpark 5FL8
Choctaw Nolf Airport KNFJ
Chumuckla 20-20 Airport 93FD
Circle P Airport FA32
Citrus Hedging Ranch Airport 96FD
City of Fort Lauderdale Heliport 30FD
Clarksville Airport 74FD
Clearwater Air Park KCLW
Cleveland Clinic Florida Hospital Heliport FD13
Cloverleaf Farms Ii Inc. Heliport 0FD4
Coastal Airport 83J
Coastal Helicopters Inc Heliport 27FD
Coastal Systems Station Heliport NBV
Cole's Seaplane Base 43FD
Collier/Pine Barren Airpark FD89
Colony Heliport 8FD9
Columbia Putnam Community Hospital Heliport 30FL
Connell's Wahoo Airport 25FL
Cooksey Brothers Airport FD42
Coral Creek Airport FA54
Corkscrew Trace Airpark 1FD4
Costin Airport A51
Cotton Strip 17FA
Country Landings Airport 86FD
County Line Airstrip 5FD3
Cox's Hammock Airport 81FL
Craig Municipal Airport KCRG
Crews Homestead Ranch Airport FL01
Cross City Airport KCTY
Cross Creek Farms Airport 04FL
Crosswind Farm Airport FL19
Crystal River Airport KCGC
Crystal River Power Plant Heliport 6FD1
Crystal Village Airport 2FL0
Cub Haven STOLport FD53
Cuchens Airport 02FL
Cuyler Field FD27
Cypress Gardens Heliport FA31
Dade Collier Training and Transition Airport KTNT
Dade County Mosquito Control Heliport FD00
Dancing Oaks Heliport 8FL5
Darrah Air Park 4FL4
David Wine's Airstrip 62FL
Daytona Beach International Airport KDAB
De Soto Memorial Hospital Heliport FD85
Deep Forest Airport FD48
Deep Woods Ranch Airport FD86
Defuniak Springs Airport K54J
Deland Municipal Sidney H Taylor Field KDED
Delray Community Hosp Emergency Helistop 48FD
Delta Airport FD84
Department of Corrections Field FL03
Destin Emergency Care Center Heliport 22FD
Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport KDTS
Devils Garden Strip FA18
District Vi Heliport 64FL
Doan Heliport FA79
Doctors Hospital Heliport 7FD5
Doctors Lake Seaplane Base 62FD
Doctors Memorial Hospital #2 Heliport 0FA2
Doctors Memorial Hospital Heliport FD21
Dog Island Airport FA43
Dogwood Farm Airport FA26
Dolphin Stadium Heliport 0FD2
Doral Ocean Beach Resort Heliport 23FA
Doral Resort & Country Club Heliport 0FA0
Dotson Airport 55FD
Dove Heliport FA22
Downtown Fort Lauderdale Heliport DT1
Dr. P. Phillips Hospital Heliport FD99
Dragonfly Airport 7FL8
Drake Ranch Airport 7FD2
Duda Airstrip 08FA
Duda Airstrip FA69
Dugger Field 0FD3
Duke Field,(Eglin Af Aux Nr 3) Airport KEGI
Dunedin Heliport 6FD4
Dunnellon Marion Co & Park of Commerce Airport KX35
Dusty Airpatch Airport 5FL0
Eagle's Landing Airport 69FL
Eagles Nest Aerodrome FD44
Eagles Nest Heliport FA53
Earle Airpark 13FA
Eglin Air Force Base KVPS
Eglin Auxiliary Field 6 Airport KZ01
Eglin Field Nr 2 Airport US-FL35
Eglin Test Site B6 Airport FL34
Ellis Agricultural Field 34FL
Ellsworth Field FA27
Ems Heliport 68FL
Escape Ranch Airport 4FL1
Estherbrook Aerodrome 7FD9
Evans Properties Inc Airport FL67
Everglades Airpark X01
Executive Airport KORL
Ezell Airport 5FL1
Farm Air Service Airport 22FL
Fellsmere Airport 4FL3
Ferguson Airport K82J
Ferguson Seaplane Base FD98
Fernandina Beach Muni Airport FHB
Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport K55J
Finlayson Farm Airport 9FL8
Fisher Island Heliport FD23
Fishermen's Hospital Emergency Helistop 10FL
Flagler County Airport KXFL
Flagler County Emergency Opns Center Heliport 5FD4
Flagler Hospital Heliport 38FL
Flanders Field 4FD7
Flat Creek Airport 5FL6
Flints Flying Ranch Airport 2FD0
Florida Flying Gators Ultralightport 3FD4
Florida Hospital East Orlando Heliport FD36
Florida Hospital Heliport 37FA
Florida Hospital Kissimmee Heliport 85FD
Florida Hospital Lake Placid Heliport 30FA
Florida Hospital-Altamonte Heliport 01FD
Florida Hospital-Fish Memorial Heliport 3FL2
Florida Hospital-Flagler Heliport 61FD
Florida Hospital-Sebring Heliport FA52
Florida Keys Memorial Hospital Heliport 7FA0
Florida Power & Light County Heliport FL94
Florida Power & Light-Juno Beach Heliport 59FL
Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch Airport FL08
Florida State Hospital Heliport 31FD
Fly High Heliport 3FA2
Fly In Ranches Airport FD25
Fly'N R Ranch Airport 43FL
Flying 'F' Farms Airport 4FD2
Flying Baron Estates Airport 10FA
Flying Bonefish Seaplane Base FA75
Flying C Farm Airport FD16
Flying Dutchman Ranch Airport FD29
Flying Exotics Airport 47FL
Flying G Ranch STOLport 07FD
Flying H Heliport 81FD
Flying Harness Farms Airport 37FL
Flying Palomino Ranch Airport 5FA1
Flying S Ranch Airport 33FL
Flying Ten Airport 0J8
Flying Tiger Field FL54
Flying W Airranch Airport 9FL1
Flying-A-Ranch Airport FL84
Flying-H Airport FL99
Folsom Airport 2FL3
Fort Atkinson Plantation Airpark 9FD7
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport KFXE
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport KFLL
Fort Walton Beach Airport 1J9
Fort Walton Beach Medical Ctr Heliport FD45
Four Points Sheraton Lakeside Heliport FA48
Fox Field FL02
Fp & L Nuclear Power Plant Heliport 75FD
Fpc Heliport FD11
Fred Babcock Airport 40FL
Freedom Wpec Inc Heliport 91FD
Freeflight International Airport 2FA6
Frierson Grove Airport 0FA1
Fudruckers Heliport FL25
Fulton Seaplane Base 0FD6
Gadsden Memorial Hospital Heliport 29FD
Gainesville Regional Airport KGNV
Gamebird Groves Airstrip FD74
Garcon Field 24FL
Gardner Airport FD40
Garnair Airport FA55
Garner Landing Seaplane Base 1FL0
Gary Gale Seaplane Base 0FL8
Gator Airpark 72FL
Gator Lake Heliport 13FL
Gentry Airport FD37
George T Lewis Airport CDK
George T Mc Cutchan Airport 8FL6
Geraci Airpark FL35
Gezik Seaplane Base 34FA
Gleim Field FD81
Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base FD46
Gold Eagle Helicopters Inc Heliport FD54
Golden Harvest Flying Svc Inc Airport FL06
Golden Land Ranch Airport 20FA
Good Samaritan Medical Center Heliport FA82
Goose Nest Seaplane Base FD95
Gore Airport 4FL9
Graham Landing Strip - Moore Haven Airport FL40
Grand Cypress Resort Heliport FD41
Grand Lagoon Seaplane Base 4FD5
Grande Oaks Golf Club Heliport FL69
Grass Patch Airport 00FA
Grass Roots Airpark 06FD
Green Swamp Aerodrome FD33
Griffin's Main Office Heliport 38FD
Griffins Peace River Ranch Airport FL00
Gulf Aerospace Heliport FD75
Gulf Breeze Hospital Heliport FD47
Gulf Coast Helicopters Heliport 70FD
Gulf Coast Hospital Heliport 67FD
Gulf Coast Medical Center Heliport 3FA4
Gyro Town Usa STOLport 23FL
Hales 700 Airport FL29
Halifax Hospital Medical Center Heliport 29FL
Haller Airpark 7FL4
Hamilton Helistop FA15
Harbor Links Yacht & Country Club Heliport 65FL
Hardrives Delta Nr 3 Helistop FL64
Harold Nolf Heliport KNZX
Harper's Fly-In Ranch Airport 0FL0
Hart Airport 3FL8
Hartzog Field FD94
Hca L.W. Blake Hospital Heliport 5FL2
Hca New Port Richey Hospital Heliport FL30
Hca Raulerson Hospital Heliport 26FL
Health Central Heliport 76FL
Heart of Florida Medical Center Heliport 2FL9
Helen Ellis Hospital Heliport FA58
Heli-Tech Inc Heliport 99FD
Helicopters International Heliport 97FD
Henderson Field FA46
Henderson Heliport 2FA3
Hendry Correctional Institution Airport FL91
Hendry County Fire-Ems Heliport 1FL9
Hennessy Airport 26FD
Herlong Airport KHEG
Hernando County Airport KBKV
Hi-Acres Airport 12FA
Hidden Acres Airpark FD01
Hidden Lake Airport FA40
Hidden River Airport 22FA
Highlander Airport 2FD6
Highlands Regional Medical Center Heliport 9FD3
Hill Landing Strip FL05
Hilliard Airpark 01J
Hilliard's Private Airport FD96
Hobby Hill STOLport 2FD1
Holiday Isle Seaplane Base FA05
Holley Nolf Airport KNKL
Holmes Regional Medical Center Heliport 3FD3
Homestead ARB Airport KHST
Homestead General Aviation Airport KX51
Horseshoe Acres Airpark FA24
Hospital Brandon Helistop 5FL3
Hospital Heliport 46FL
Hurlburt Field KHRT
Hutson Airfield 8FL0
Idle Wild Airport FL63
Immokalee Regional Airport KIMM
Indian Hammock Airport FL75
Indian River Aerodrome FL74
Indian River Memorial Hospital Heliport 3FD7
Indiantown Airport KX58
Ingalls Field FL12
Inhome Medical Landing Heliport FD56
Intra Coastal Police Sub-Station Heliport FL87
Inverness Airport KX40
J-22 Ranch Airport 16FL
J. H. Hendrie Farms Airport 08FL
J.R.'s STOLport 66FD
Jack Browns Seaplane Base F57
Jackson County Hospital Heliport 28FD
Jackson Heliport 0FL4
Jackson Memorial Hospital Heliport 25FA
Jacksonville International Airport KJAX
Jacksonville Naval Air Station KNIP
Jacksonville Police Heliport 8FL8
Jacksonville Pre-Trial Detention Facility Heliport FD87
James A Haley Veterans Hospital Heliport 70FL
Jay Airport FL96
Jay Hospital Heliport FA16
Jefferson Landings Airport 74FL
Jfk Medical Center Heliport 1FD3
Jim Finlay Farm Airport 28FL
Joey Anderson Heliport FL53
Johary Airport FL58
Johnson Heliport FD07
Jordan Heliport 7FL0
Jordan Seaplane Base FD79
Joy Farms Airport 0FD9
Jumbolair-Greystone Airport 17FL
Jupiter Medical Center Heliport 60FL
Kathrinstadt Airport US-2FA7
Kearney Construction Heliport 32FD
Kelly Tractor County Heliport FL98
Kendall District Station Heliport 2FA0
Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport KTMB
Kennedy Seaplane Base FD78
Key West International Airport KEYW
Key West Nas /Boca Chica Field/ Airport KNQX
Keystone Airpark K42J
Kilpatrick Farm Airport 6FL2
King Heliport 87FL
King Seaaero Seaplane Base FL42
Kings Field 21FL
Kings Port Airport FD72
Kirkland Airport FD26
Kissimmee Gateway Airport KISM
Kissimmee Seaplane Base FA17
Kitching Cove Seaplane Base FL26
Kittyhawk Estates Airport FL09
Knobel Heliport 3FL4
Ko-Kee Airport 4FL2
L M Hughey Heliport FL92
L R M C Emergency Helistop 3FD2
La Belle Municipal Airport KX14
Lafayette Landings Airport FD90
Lake Bird Heliport FD06
Lake City Airpark FL27
Lake City Medical Center Heliport 1FL2
Lake City Municipal Airport KLCQ
Lake Clinch Airpark 52FL
Lake Conway North Seaplane Base 91FL
Lake Conway South Seaplane Base 0FL5
Lake Gibson High School Heliport FD32
Lake Gibson Seaplane Base 8FA0
Lake Hiawassee Seaplane Base 89FL
Lake Jessup Seaplane Base 98FD
Lake Josephine Seaplane Base 9FL3
Airport Name Code
Lake Montaza Airport 83FD
Lake Persimmon Airstrip 03FA
Lake Shore Hospital Heliport 86FL
Lake Suzy Estates Airport 20FL
Lake Wales Heliport FA45
Lake Wales Municipal Airport KX07
Lake Weir Seaplane Base 24FA
Lake X Airport 57FA
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport KLAL
Lakeland Regional Medical Center Heliport 7FD7
Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Helistop Heliport 7FL9
Land South Heliport 9FL6
Land's Field 21FD
Last Chance Ranch Airport 3FD0
Lawnwood Medical Center Heliport FD19
Lawrence Airport 1FD0
Lazy B I Ranch Heliport 72FD
Lazy S Farm Airport 7FL7
Lee Farms Airport FL80
Lee Memorial Hospital Emergency Heliport FD67
Leesburg International Airport KLEE
Leeward Air Ranch Airport FD04
Leffler Airport FA63
Lewis Airport FL78
Lib Field 2FD8
Lindbergh's Landing Airport FA35
Link Field 63FD
Little Deer Airport 16FA
Little River Airport FL10
Little's Heliport 40FD
Lockheed Martin-Ocala Heliport FL79
Los Olas Center Heliport FD73
Lost Horn Ranch Airport FA80
Love Field 97FL
Lowe's Airport FA77
Loxahatchee Airport 7FD6
Lucerne Medical Center Heliport 8FD7
Lumar Field FA29
Lykes Brighton Airport 8FD5
Lykes Palmdale Airport FL73
Mac Dill Air Force Base KMCF
Mac's Field 78FD
Mac-Ivor & Friends Airstrip FL65
MacDill Air Force Base Auxiliary Field KAGR
Mack Bayor Airheart Heliport 3FL7
Madison County Airport 99FL
Magic Air Adventure Heliport 36FA
Manatee Memorial Hospital Heliport FL45
Manatee Seaplane Base FD80
Manatee Springs Airport 5FD0
Maran Airport 68FD
Marco Island Airport KMKY
Marianna Municipal Airport KMAI
Mariners Hospital Heliport FD05
Marion Correctional Institution Heliport US-0021
Marjorie Kennan Rawlings Airport 2FD2
Market World Airport FL16
Martin Memorial Hospital Heliport 44FL
Massey Ranch Airpark KX50
Mayo Clinic Heliport 6FL1
Mayport Ns (Adm David L. Mcdonald Field) Airport KNRB
Mc Daniel Ranch Inc. Airport 0FL9
Mc Donald's Field 8FL1
Mc Ginley Airport FL61
Mc Kinnon Airpark 48FL
Mease Hospital Countryside Heliport 36FL
Mease Hospital Emergency Heliport FA04
Melanie's Airport 05FA
Melbourne International Airport KMLB
Melrose Landing Airport FD22
Memorial Hospital West Helistop FA21
Memorial Hospital-Flagler Helistop 1FD8
Memorial Medical Center of Jacksonville Heliport FA65
Memorial Regional Hospital Heliport 77FD
Merritt Island Airport KCOI
Meyer Heliport 32FL
Mezrah Seaplane Base FL72
Miami Childrens Hospital Heliport FA76
Miami Federal Reserve Bank Heliport 71FL
Miami Heliport X48
Miami Herald Heliport 1FD5
Miami International Airport KMIA
Miami Seaplane Base X44
Mid Florida Air Service Airport X55
Midway Lake Airport 79FD
Mike's Ag Air Airport 49FL
Mills Ranch South Airport 3FL5
Mjd STOLport FL31
Monroe Airpark 2FA2
Montgomery Ranch Airport FA64
Montgomery's Flying M Ranch Airport FD49
Morton Plant Hospital Heliport 06FL
Mosquito Control Heliport FA41
Mosquito Ctl Heliport FA33
Moss Meadows Airport 45FL
Motorsports Complex Ems Heliport FD34
Motorsports Complex Vip Heliport FD17
Mount Olive Farm Airport 2FA9
Mount Royal Airport 3FL0
Mount Sinai Medical Center Heliport FL93
Myakka Head Airport 67FL
N Broward Medical Center Heliport 28FA
Naked Lady Ranch Airport 64FA
Naples Community Hospital Heliport FD97
Naples Grand Golf Resort Heliport US-0080
Naples Municipal Airport KAPF
Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility Airport KTTS
Nassau Airport 83FL
NBC 6 (WTVJ) Heliport 1FL4
Neal Field 79FL
New Hibiscus Airpark X52
New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport KEVB
Nierenberg Estate Heliport 92FD
Nitv Heliport FA59
North American Farms Airport 56FD
North Exuma Airport 85FA
North Florida Regional Medical Center Heliport FA56
North Okaloosa Medical Center Heliport 11FD
North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport KF45
North Perry Airport KHWO
North Port Ems Heliport 84FD
Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport KECP
Northwest Florida Community Hospital Heliport 80FL
Norton Airport 8FL2
O'Brien Airpark East/West Airport FD71
Oak Harbor Seaplane Base FA73
Oak Ridge Airport FL82
Oak Tree Landing 6J8
Oaks Helistop FD43
Oasis Ranger Station-U.S. Government Airport 9FL7
Ocala International Jim Taylor Field KOCF
Ocean Reef Club Airport 07FA
Odom's Flying Service Airport 50FL
Okeechobee County Airport KOBE
Okeelanta Airport FL41
Old Town Ems Heliport 0FL3
Opa-locka Executive Airport KOPF
Orange County Sheriff's Office Heliport 27FA
Orange Hill Airport 15FD
Orlampa Inc Airport FA08
Orlando Apopka Airport KX04
Orlando Hyatt House Heliport 6FA8
Orlando International Airport KMCO
Orlando North Airpark FA83
Orlando Regional Medical Center Heliport FD28
Orlando Sanford International Airport KSFB
Ormond Beach Municipal Airport KOMN
Osborn Airfield 02FA
Osceola Regional Hospital Heliport 12FD
Osceola Sheriff's Ofc - Bronson Hwy Heliport 19FD
Pace Nolf Heliport KNVI
Page Field KFMY
Paines Prairie Heliport 1FD6
Palatka Municipal - Lt. Kay Larkin Field K28J
Palm Beach Co Glades Airport KPHK
Palm Beach Community College Heliport 42FD
Palm Beach County Judicial Center Heliport 5FL5
Palm Beach County Park Airport KLNA
Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Heliport 87FD
Palm Beach International Airport KPBI
Palm Beach Sheriff's Range Heliport 39FL
Palmetto General Hospital Heliport 1FA5
Palms West Hospital Helistop FA19
Panama City-Bay Co International Airport KPFN
Panhandle Helicopter Llc Heliport 0FD1
Paniola Air Ranch Airport FD14
Paradise Landing Seaplane Base US-0191
Pasco County Mosquito Heliport 9FL4
Pate Lake Seaplane Base FL04
Patrick Air Force Base KCOF
Paxton Airport 90FL
Payson Ranch Airport 6FL3
Pbso-West County Jail Heliport 2FL2
Peach Orchard Airport FL66
Peavy Farms Airport 76FD
Pennington Heliport FL71
Pensacola Naval Air Station/Forrest Sherman field KNPA
Pensacola Regional Airport KPNS
Perry Foley Airport K40J
Peter O Knight Airport KTPF
Peter Prince Field K2R4
Pga National Heliport 1FD7
Physicians Regional Med Ctr-Collier Blvd Heliport 4FL7
Pierson Municipal Airport 2J8
Pilot Country Airport KX05
Pine Island Airport 1FA3
Pine Island Helistop 4FD6
Pine Lakes Farm Airport 93FL
Pine Ridge Helistop 7FD1
Pine Shadows Airpark 94FL
Pinellas County Mosquito Control Heliport 95FL
Pinellas County Sheriff's Building Heliport FA06
Pittman Oaks Airport FA88
Placid Lakes Airport 09FA
Plant City Municipal Airport KPCM
Plantation Key Seaplane Base 42FL
Pomona Landing Airport 78FL
Pompano Beach Airpark KPMP
Port Everglades Heliport 2FD4
Porta Target Heliport 2FL7
Porter STOLport FD82
Post Electric Inc Heliport FA20
Post Oak Ranch Airport 1FA1
Prairie Lake Private Res Sp Mooring Facility 3FD9
Pratt Airport 20FD
Princeton Hospital Heliport 26FA
Pullum Pad Heliport 52FD
Quincy Municipal Airport 2J9
R O Ranch STOLport 33FD
Ranger Heliport 03FL
Recreation Corporation Airport 33FA
Redhead Airport FD35
Redtail Airstrip FA30
Reynolds Airpark FL60
Rgnl Medical Center Bayonet Point Heliport FL32
Richards Field 04FA
Ridge Landing Airport 4FL5
Rimes Lakecrest Airport 35FA
Ringhaver Heliport 00FD
Ringhaver Heliport 37FD
Ringhaver Heliport FD10
River Acres Airport FD70
River Oak Airport 00FL
River Ranch Resort Airport K2RR
Rlm Farms Airport FD09
Road Rock Inc. Heliport US-0082
Robinestte Seaplane Base FA78
Rockledge Airport 21FA
Romor Ranch Airport FA74
Ron Wood Airport 5FD1
Rossi Field FL50
Rotunda Heliport 41FD
Royal Trails Airport 4FL6
Ruckel Airport FL17
Rush Airport 35FD
Rutten Dusting Strip FD55
Rybolt Ranch Airport 01FA
Rybovich Heliport 5FD2
S & S Avion Ranch Airport 31FA
Sacred Heart Hospital Heliport 9FD1
Sacred Heart Hospital of Pensacola Heliport 25FD
Sage Seadrome Seaplane Base 9FD0
Sailfish Point Heliport 88FL
Salty Approach Airport FL90
Samsula / Coe Field 8FA4
Sand Lake Seaplane Base 98FL
Sanders Ranch Airport 39FA
Sandy Creek Airpark 75FL
Sanford Seaplane Base FL55
Santa Fe River Ranch Airport FA62
Santa Rosa Medical Center Heliport 94FD
Santa Rosa Nolf Airport KNGS
Saranac Farm Airport 9FL2
Sarasota Bradenton International Airport KSRQ
Sarasota Dept Of Fire-Rescue East Side Heliport 6FL6
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Heliport FA23
Saufley Field Nolf Airport KNUN
Saw Whet Farms Airport 6FL9
Schwartz Farms Inc Airport 4FL8
Scott 2000 Airport 23FD
Searey Central SPB 3FA8
Sebastian Municipal Airport KX26
Sebring Regional Airport KSEF
Seminole Lake Gliderport 6FL0
Sequiam Heliport 40FA
Seven Feathers Airport 10FD
Seven Springs Ranch Airport FL76
Shady Bend Airport 9FL5
Shady International Airport FA49
Shands Cair Heliport 63FL
Shands Helistop FA12
Shands Jacksonville Hospital Heliport FA61
Sheets Airport FA42
Shell Creek Airpark F13
Sheriff's North Multi District Office Heliport 1FL6
Sheriff's Operation Center Heliport 3FL3
Sheriff's South Multi District Office Heliport FL68
Sheriffs Helistop 17FD
Sierra Airpark FL48
Skinners Wholesale Nursery Airport 16FD
Sky Ranch Airport 18FD
Smokey's Heliport FL44
South Dade Community Health Center Heliport FA47
South Lakeland Airport KX49
South Point Airport 95FD
Southeastern Airport FD30
Southerland Strip FD92
Southerly Airport 58FD
Southern Fruit Groves Airport FD24
Southern Machine & Steel Yard Heliport 41FL
Southern Ranch Airport 2FA4
Southfork Airport FA03
Southfork Heliport 3FA3
Southwest Citrus Airport US-0079
Southwest Florida International Airport KRSW
Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center Heliport 07FL
Space Coast Regional Airport KTIX
Spencer Nolf Airport KNRQ
Spencer's Airpark FL13
Spruce Creek Airport 7FL6
Squires Aviation Ranch Airport FD63
St Augustine Airport KSGJ
St Cloud Hospital Heliport FD52
St George Island Airport KF47
St James Helistop 5FD9
St Lucie County International Airport KFPR
St Lucie Medical Center Heliport FL22
St Luke's Hospital Heliport FD58
St Marys Hospital Heliport 64FD
St Petersburg Clearwater International Airport KPIE
St Vincent's Medical Center Heliport 35FL
St. Joseph Hospital Heliport FA01
St. Joseph's Hospital North Heliport FA70
Stanchester Airport 0FL6
State Prison Field FL28
Steep Head Farm Airport FL15
Stout Airport FD83
Strayhorn Ranch Airport 47FD
Strazzulla Groves Airport FL23
Sugar Loaf Shores Airport 7FA1
Summerland Key Cove Airport FD51
Sun N Lake Heliport 3FL9
Sundance Farms Airport FD20
Sunniland Ranch Airport 08FD
Sunnybreeze Airport 09FL
Sunset Strip Airpark 32FA
Sunset Strip Airpark 57FD
Sunshine Farms Airport 14FD
Sunshine Ranchettes Heliport US-0081
Suwannee Belle Airport 9FL0
Suwannee County Airport K24J
Suwannee Farms Airport FL18
Suwannee Hospital Emergency Heliport 9FL9
Sylvanmir Farms Airport 6FL4
Tailwinds Airport FD15
Tallahassee Commercial Airport K68J
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Heliport FD18
Tallahassee Regional Airport KTLH
Tampa Executive Airport KVDF
Tampa General Hospital Heliport 61FL
Tampa International Airport KTPA
Tampa North Aero Park Airport KX39
Tangerine Airport FL97
Tater Farms Strip 46FD
Tavares Seaplane Base US-0181
Tavernaero Park Airport FA81
Teco Plaza Heliport 54FL
Tedford Ranch Airport 31FL
Tex Merritt Private Airstrip 51FD
Tharpe Airport 03FD
The Cedars Airfield FA71
The Florida Keys Marathon Airport KMTH
The Flying Horseman Airport 8FD2
The Funny Farm Airport FD03
The Murphy Company Heliport 55FL
The Trails Airport FD50
The Villages Heliport 19FL
The Wright Place STOLport 4FD3
Thomas Contracting Heliport FD76
Thomas Farms Airport 85FL
Thompson Airfield 0FL1
Thompson's Goinbroke Aero Ranch Airport 9FD5
Thomson Airfield 6FD7
Thrifts Airport FL11
Thunderbird Air Park 2FA5
Thunderbird Heliport 6FD9
Tiger Lake Airport 2FL8
Timberlachen Seaplane Base 12FL
Timmer Heliport 6FL7
Tocoi Airport FL36
Toho Seaplane Base FD12
Tradewinds Aerodrome 3FD6
Tranquility Bay Strip 4FA3
Tranquility Pad Heliport 89FD
Travel Lodge Heliport FA66
Treasure Coast Airpark FL37
Tri-County Airport K1J0
Triple B Airpark FL81
Triple M Airport FL89
Tropical Plantation Airport 18FA
Turkey Scratch Plantation Airport 4FL0
Twelve Oaks Airport 5FL7
Twin Cities Hospital Heliport 6FL5
Two J's Flying Ranch Airport 3FL1
Tyndall Air Force Base KPAM
Umatilla Municipal Airport X23
Unicorn Place Airport 69FD
University of Florida Heliport 53FL
Va Outpatient Clinic Heliport 66FL
Valkaria Airport KX59
Venice Municipal Airport KVNC
Vero Beach Municipal Airport KVRB
Veterans Administration Medical Center Heliport FA39
Vince's Condominium Association Airport FA60
Vosika's Airport FL14
Wakulla Club Airport FD68
Wakulla County Airport 2J0
Walker Memorial Medical Center Heliport FA67
Waters Heliport FD62
Watson Airport 27FL
Watson Farm Airport 49FD
Watson Flight Strip FL33
Wauchula Municipal Airport KCHN
Wcpx Tv-6 Heliport 0FL7
Wellborn STOLport 7FL2
Wellington Aero Club Airport FD38
Wellington Medical Center Heliport FL39
Wells Flying Service Airport 14FL
Wesh-Tv Channel 2 Heliport 9FD8
West Bay Creek Seaplane Base 1FL5
West Boca Medical Center Heliport 3FD8
West Florida Regional Medical Center Heliport FL24
West Palm Beach Police Station Heliport 7FL5
West Volusia Memorial Hospital Helistop 2FD9
Wfla-Tv 8 Heliport FL70
White Farms Airport FA36
Whitehouse Nolf Airport KNEN
Whiting Field Naval Air Station North Airport KNSE
Whiting Field Naval Air Station South Airport KNDZ
William P Gwinn Airport 06FA
William's Sky Manor Airport FA51
Williams Field 11FL
Williams Hawgwild Airport FL56
Willis Gliderport FA44
Williston Memorial Hospital Heliport 73FL
Williston Municipal Airport KX60
Wimauma Air Park FD77
Windy Acres Airport 6FD0
Wing South Airpark FA37
Wings Field 96FL
Wings N Sunsets LLC Airport FL07
Wings-N-Wheels Airport FA50
Wink Tv Heliport 3FL6
Winter Haven Hospital Heliport 60FD
Winter Haven's Gilbert Airport KGIF
Witham Field KSUA
Woods and Lakes Airpark FA38
Woodstock Airport FL86
Wptv Heliport FL51
Wright Farms Airport FD61
Wsvn Television Channel 7 Heliport FL83
Wuesthoff Hospital Emergency Heliport 8FD4
Yellow River Airstrip FD93
Yellow Whirley Bird Heliport 65FD
Yelvington Heliport 13FD
Z Ranch Airport 1FL3
Zephyrhills Municipal Airport KZPH