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Airport Name Code
123 Arcom Heliport 48IN
4 Winds Aerodrome IN45
500 Heliport IN52
Action Airpark I38
Adams Airport 1II2
Adams Co Memorial Hospital Heliport 56II
Aec Heliport 5IN2
Aero Plaines Airport 5II9
Aerobatic Practice Airport 45IN
Air Park Field 0IN4
Alexandria Airport I99
Alford Airpark IN03
Allen and Gloss Airport 8II0
Alley Oop Airport 68IN
Allison Plant 3 Heliport 8II8
Allison Plant 8 Heliport 8II7
Allsion Plant 5 Heliport 8II6
Ames Field 46IN
Amy Airport 1II4
Anderson Airport II72
Anderson Municipal Darlington Field KAID
Antonian Airport II22
Archangels Landing Airport IN26
Arens Field KRWN
Army Aviation Support Facility Heliport 3II7
Arrowhead Farm Airport IN11
Arthur Airport II37
Ashby Airport II26
Atterbury Field (Camp Atterbury) 11II
Austin Air Ads Airport 50IN
B & V Flying Ranch Airport 98IN
Bailey Generation Station Heliport 00II
Baird-Wolford Airport 2II6
Ball Field 4IN5
Bandmill Field 9IN4
Bass Lake Seaplane Base 81IN
Basting Airport 3II3
Beck Airport IN64
Beck Private Airport II14
Bedford Medical Center Heliport 57IN
Bee-Acre Farm Strip 99IN
Belknap-Icarus Acres Airport 1IN0
Benham Airport 73IN
Berger Airport II62
Bergs Airport 6II7
Berkey Field 5IN5
Berling Heliport IN22
Berry Field 2IN9
Best Lock Corp Airstrip IN01
Bickel's Cow Patch Airport II17
Big Long Lake Seaplane Base 4IN1
Birkey Private Airport 3II8
Blomenberg Airport II85
Bloomington Hospital Heliport 2IG6
Bluebird Airport IG03
Bodin Airport IN70
Booe Airport II34
Boone County Airport K6I4
Boonville Airport I91
Bottoms Brothers Airport 1IN5
Bowlin Airport IN85
Boyer Flight Park Ultralightport 7W7
Bramble Airport II83
Brauns Airport IN40
Brazil Clay County Airport 0I2
Bremen Community Hospital Heliport 8IN8
Brenneke Airport 55IN
Bronson Airport II93
Brookville Reservoir Seaplane Base 12I
Brown Airport 35II
Brush Creek Airport 8IN7
Buchta Airport II96
Buell Airport II03
Bugtown Airport 15IN
Burk Personal Use Airport 34II
Burke's Airport II53
Burns International Harbor Heliport 2II5
Butler Field IN46
Byrne Field 0IN5
C. V. Airport II43
Caldwell Field 54II
Cameron Hospital Heliport IG00
Canary's Airport 20IN
Careferre Acres Airport 8II1
Carlson Farm Airport 3IN3
Carlson Farms Heliport II46
Carroll's Airpark IN56
Casad Industrial Park Airport 56IN
Cedar Creek Airport 48II
Cedar Farm Airport 28II
Chain-O-Lakes Airport 3IN7
Channel 13 Heliport II48
Cherry Hill Airport 40IN
Chesak Airport 4II4
Chuck's Airport 0II0
Clarian Arnett Heliport 8IN1
Clarian West Medical Center Heliport 5IN1
Clark Airport 19IN
Clark Regional Airport KJVY
Clay Hill Farms Airport II76
Clear Lake Heliport IN66
Clear Lake Seaplane Base 5IN7
Clifton Airport IN09
Clinton Airport K1I7
Clinton County Fairgrounds Heliport 68II
Clover Knoll Airport II07
Columbus Municipal Airport KBAK
Columbus Regional Hospital Heliport 2IN7
Community Hospital Heliport 01IN
Community Hospital Heliport IN28
Confer's Place Airport 1IN3
Converse Airport 1I8
Cooper Airport 05IN
Cooper Field 99II
Cornell Airport 6II4
Cottingham Airport 1IN6
Crawford Field II90
Crawfordsville Municipal Airport KCFJ
Creekside Farm Airport II42
Creighton Airport 0II2
Crooked Lake Seaplane Base 5IN8
Cruzan Field 9II4
Culp Farms Airport 4IN8
Cummings Field 45II
Dague Strip II12
Dahnke Airport 51IN
Dammon Heliport II00
Daugherty Field II75
David Beiswanger Ultralightport 6II6
Daviess County Airport KDCY
Davis Airport 1II3
Davis Field Ultralightport 03II
Ddt Field 3IN8
De Ford Airport 4II0
De Kalb County Airport KGWB
De Motte Airport 14IN
Deaconess Hospital Heliport 16IN
Dearborn County Hospital Heliport IN94
Decatur HI-Way Airfield DCR
Dekalb Memorial Hospital Heliport 9II7
Delaware County Johnson Field KMIE
Delphi Municipal Airport 1I9
Dewart Lake Seaplane Base 7IN8
Diamond P. Field 02IN
Dick's Strip 3II9
Dillon Airport 9II3
Donica Field IN99
Dragons Den Heliport 4IN6
Drake Airport 49IN
Drake Field II99
Dreessen Field 17II
Dunbar Field II91
Dupont Hospital Heliport 9IN5
Dupouy Airport 3IN2
Durflinger Airport IN29
Durham Airport II68
Eagle Creek Airpark KEYE
East Clear Heliport 4IN3
Eby Field II74
Ed-Air Airport 2IG4
Eickholtz Airport II33
Elkhart Municipal Airport KEKM
Ellis Fly-In Airport 06IN
Ellison Airport 35IN
Elwood Airport 3I1
Engdahl Farm (Moonstraka) Heliport 5II3
Escc Heliport 4II5
Etter Airport II19
Evansville Regional Airport KEVV
Executive Inn Heliport 6II1
Farm Strip IN98
Fayette Memorial Hospital Heliport II61
Felix Airport 37IN
Ferrell Airport II06
Fifer Field 3II2
Findlay Heliport 15II
Finney's Airpark II77
Fischer Field 6IN4
Fisher Farm Airport 60IN
Fleet Field IN73
Flora Municipal Airport 5I2
Flying Crown Airport 7IN2
Flying J Airport IN61
Flying U Ranch Airport 4C1
Foertsch Airport II49
Foghorn Farms Airport 6IN5
Foltz Farm Airport 93IN
Foos Field IN82
Fort Benjamin Harrison Helipad Heliport 91I
Fort Benjamin Harrison Hospital Heliport 27II
Fort Wayne International Airport KFWA
Fort Wayne-District Operations Heliport 5II7
Fowler Field /Private/ Airport 62IN
Fox Station Airport 78II
Francis Airport 9II8
Frankfort Municipal Airport KFKR
Franklin Flying Field 3FK
Freeman Municipal Airport KSER
Fremont (Murphy) Airport 3II0
French Lick Municipal Airport KFRH
Friedrich Airport II15
Frost Field 0II7
Fuller Field 38IN
Fulton County Airport KRCR
Gage Airport 13IN
Galloway Airport 2IN6
Galveston Airport 5I6
Gardner Airport 88IN
Garrard Airport 9IN6
Garrett Field 7IN3
Gary Chicago International Airport KGYY
Gary Johnson Field 7IN7
Gerig's Field 2IN2
Gessie Airport 9IN9
Gettlefinger Field 4II6
Gibbons Field 09II
Gilmore Airport II65
Giltner Airport II54
Glenndale Airport 8I3
Gm Heliport 25II
Godahavit Airport 6II8
Good Earth Farm Strip II73
Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport 24II
Goodenough Airport 83IN
Gordon Airport 09IN
Goshen Municipal Airport KGSH
Grandlienard-Hogg Airport II01
Graves Landing Strip 0IN3
Gray Airport 07IN
Green County General Hospital Heliport IN17
Green Field 9IN8
Greener Pastures Airport IN67
Greenridge RLA Restricted Landing Area IN14
Greensburg Municipal Airport KI34
Greenwood Municipal Airport KHFY
Greuter Field 69II
Griffith-Merrillville Airport K05C
Grissom ARB Airport KGUS
Gustin's /Private/ Airport 80IN
Gutwein Airport 72IN
H R Weisser Airport 92IN
H.J.Umbaugh Airport IN74
Hackbarth Airport IN42
Haffner Airport II52
Hagerstown Airport I61
Hamilton Lake Seaplane Base IN02
Hampton Field 38II
Hancock Memorial Hospital Heliport 8IN4
Hangar Fly Ultralight Fly Club Ultralightport 4II2
Hardin Airport IN44
Harrier Heliport 78IN
Harrington Field 16II
Harrod/Rose Airport II69
Harrold Airport B25
Hartman Farms Field 53IN
Hatfield Airport IN69
Hawthorn Mine Heliport 3II6
Heck Heliport II66
Heinzman Airport 03IN
Heli-Bell Museum Heliport 2IG5
Helton Heliport 8II4
Hendricks Community Hospital Heliport 74II
Hendricks County Gordon Graham Field K2R2
Henneman Airport 58II
Henry County Memorial Hospital Heliport 19II
Hepler Airport 43IN
Hickory Hills Airport II67
Higginbotham Field 52IN
Hilakos Airport II84
Hillenbrand Industries Airport KHLB
Hilltop Airport 58IN
Hobart Sky Ranch Airport K3HO
Hodges Airport II55
Holiday Inn Lakeview Heliport 1I6
Hollingsworth Airport II39
Holloway Field 3IN6
Holt Field 8II5
Homestead Airport 29IN
Hood Field IN25
Hook Field IN18
Hook's Heliport IN07
Hopkins Farms Airport II40
Hopkins Heliport 5II4
Horizon Field IN63
Horseshoe Casino Heliport 2IG3
Howard County Jail Heliport 75IN
Hull Airport II51
Hull Airport IN30
Hunter Airport 82IN
Huntingburg Airport KHNB
Huntington Memorial Hospital Heliport 26II
Huntington Municipal Airport KHHG
Hustons Airport IN93
I & C Field IN54
Indian Creek Airport 2II2
Indian Hills Flying Field 2II0
Indianapolis Downtown Heliport 8A4
Indianapolis Executive Airport KTYQ
Indianapolis International Airport KIND
Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport KUMP
Irion Airport II94
Iwc Heliport IG01
J & S Field 12IN
J W Riley Hospital For Children Heliport 23IN
Jack Oak Airport II50
Jacobi Airport 5II8
Jasper County Airport KRZL
Jasper County Hospital Heliport 10II
Jerry W. Humphrey Seaplane Base IN59
Johnson Airport 3IN4
Johnson Memorial Hospital Heliport 55II
Johnsons Strawberry Farm Airport 9IN3
Josephs Field IG07
Jr's Airport 11IN
Jungclaus Airport IN20
K-9 Korner Heliport 2II7
Kay Air Airport 20II
Kay Field 61II
Keener Field 40II
Kendallville Municipal Airport KC62
Kenstin Manor Airport 24IN
Kentland Municipal Airport K50I
Kester Fly Inn Airport 18IN
Kilsoquah Farm Airport 8IS2
King Ultralightport 02II
Kirk Heliport 43II
Klein Airport IN92
Kline Field II02
Klopfenstein Airport IN39
Koester Field US-0154
Kokomo Municipal Airport KOKK
Kosciusko Community Hospital Heliport 84IN
Krebs Airport 76IN
Kropf Airport 0II6
La Porte Hospital Heliport 7IN5
La Porte Municipal Airport KPPO
Lafayette Home Hospital Heliport 3II4
Lagrange Hospital Heliport 08II
Airport Name Code
Lake Gage Seaplane Base 04IN
Lake James Seaplane Base 6IN9
Lake Maxinkuckee Seaplane Base IG22
Lake Monroe Seaplane Base 07I
Lake Pleasant Seaplane Base 6IN7
Lake Sylvan Seaplane Base IN12
Lake Village Airport C98
Lake Wawasee Seaplane Base 1IN7
Lanesville Skyways Airport IN13
Lautzenhiser Airpark IN83
Layden Heliport II92
Layne Field 5II1
Leak Airport 85IN
Lee Bottom Airport 64I
Lewis Airfield 70IN
Lewis Airport 22II
Lifeline Landing Area Heliport 33II
Ligonier Airport IN89
Lindley Private Airport II35
Litzinger Ultralightport IG04
Logansport Cass County Airport KGGP
Long Airport IN95
Lou Abbett Farms Airport II18
Lowell Airport C97
Lowells Landing Airport 75II
Madison Municipal Airport KIMS
Mann Airport 47IN
Marble Hill Heliport 5II6
Marchino Field 28IN
Marcidale Airport 8IN9
Marion Municipal Airport KMZZ
Marshall County Heliport 52II
Marshall Field 0II5
Marshall Field IN19
May's Strip 87IN
Mayer Airport IN72
Mc Daniel's Field 90IN
Mc Gill Airport 18II
Mc Neil Field II36
Mcminn Airport 6IN8
Meadors Field II82
Medical Center Heliport 96IN
Meharry Ag Service Heliport 1IN2
Memorial Hospital At Jasper Heliport 77IN
Memorial Hospital At South Bend Heliport 79IN
Memorial Hospital Heliport IN96
Mentone Airport C92
Mershon Airport 6IN6
Methodist Hospital Helistop IN06
Methodist Hospital Nr 2 Heliport 54IN
Methodist Hospital of In. Inc. Heliport 81II
Mettel Field KCEV
Mgt Station 2113 Heliport IN97
Michigan City Municipal Airport KMGC
Midkiff Airport 2IN5
Midwest Steel Heliport IN37
Mikelsons Heliport 42IN
Miles Field 5II2
Milhon Airport 89IN
Miller Airport C40
Miller Airport IN53
Miller Field 39II
Miller Strip 0II3
Minneman Airport 21IN
Mishawaka Pilots Club Airport 3C1
Mississinewa Reservoir Landing Area Seaplane Base 43I
Monroe County Airport KBMG
Mooney Field 22IN
Morgan Airfield 71IN
Morris Airport 1II8
Morrison Flight Park Ultralightport 4U8
Mossburg Airport II20
Mount Comfort Airport KMQJ
Mumford Farms Airport 5II5
Myers Farm Airport 7IN6
Myers Field 01II
N'Meier Airport IN04
Nappanee Municipal Airport KC03
Nasby Airport 70II
Nelund Field 9II2
New Castle Henry Co. Municipal Airport KUWL
New Liberty Field 9IN2
Newby Landing Airport 36II
Nipsco Southlake Complex Heliport II57
Noblesville Airport I80
Norm's Airpark 42II
Norm's Airport 29II
Norris Field 8II2
North Lakeland Airport IN31
North Vernon Airport KOVO
North West Indiana Air Airport II04
Northwest Family Hospital Heliport IN79
Norwood Heliport IN75
Nuckols Airport IN41
Nulltown Wingnuts Ultralightport 73II
O'Neal Airport KOEA
Oakes Field 66IN
Oleo Airport 4II3
Oliver Lake Seaplane Base 4IN2
Orleans Airport K7I4
Orthodontic Strip 5IN6
Owens Field II29
Pam's Place Airport 78I
Paoli Municipal Airport I42
Parkview Memorial Hospital Heliport 1II7
Parkview Noble Hospital Heliport 8IN6
Parrish Airport 0IN9
Pat Robinson Airport 66II
Patoka Reservoir Landing Area Seaplane Base 06I
Patrum Field II09
Peacock Farms Airport 64IN
Pelz Port Airport II11
Pentecost Airport 12II
Perry County Municipal Airport KTEL
Peru Municipal Airport KI76
Peterson Ultralightport 36IN
Pherigo Airport IN49
Pigeon Airport II16
Pippenger Airport 3IN5
Plew Airport IN71
Plugger Airport IN36
Plummer Airport IN10
Plymouth Municipal Airport KC65
Podell Airport IN76
Police Heliport IN78
Poole Airport II86
Pope Field GFD
Portage Community Hospital Heliport 8IN5
Porter County Municipal Airport KVPZ
Porter Field 7II0
Porter Memorial Hospital Heliport 46II
Portland Municipal Airport KPLD
Posey Patch Ultralightport 59II
Post Air Airport K7L8
Professional Arts Building Heliport 41IN
Pruss Airport 17IN
Psi Heliport 2II4
Purdue University Airport KLAF
Putnam County Airport K4I7
Raceway Airport II32
Ralph E. Koch Airport 61Y
Randolph County Airport KI22
Ratcliff Airport IG02
Reese Airport 7I2
Regional Haelth System Heliport II56
Reichhart Airport 05II
Reid Hospital Heliport 30II
Reid-Eash Airport 25IN
Reimer Aerodrome 57II
Reinoehl Field 49II
Renshaw Airport II45
Rex's Ultralightport 7II7
Rheude Airport II08
Rice Private Heliport 2II9
Richardson Field II81
Richmond Municipal Airport KRID
Rider Private Heliport 7II1
Ridgway Flying Service Airport II30
Ries Airport 76II
Riley Field 4IN7
Rising Sun Airport 31II
Roberson Airport IN80
Roberts Airport 32II
Roberts Field 39IN
Robinson Airpark 1IN4
Robinson Airport 8I1
Robinson Field 8IN2
Robison Airport IN33
Rockey's Air Strip II10
Ropkey Field 63IN
Ropkey Field US-0142
Roto-Whirl/Holiday Heliport 0IN7
Roto-Whirl/Ski World Heliport 32IN
Roto-Whirl/Vantage Heliport 0IN8
Rusby Field 33IN
Rush Memorial Hospital Heliport 9II5
Rush STOLport 44IN
Rush Strip IN34
Rust's Landing Airport II95
Salem Municipal Airport I83
Salsbery Airport II70
Sanders Gyroport Airport IN88
Sarver Field US-0091
Sauer-Harter Airport 79II
Schoettmer Farm Airport 67II
Schroeder Private Airport 7II3
Scott Field 2IN4
Scottsburg Airport 3R8
Sealscott Airport IN58
Shaffer Airport 9II0
Shakamak Airport IN08
Shamrock Airport IN84
Shawnee Field 1I3
Shearer STOLport 1IN1
Shelbyville Municipal Airport KGEZ
Shenandoah Flying Field 3II1
Sheridan Airport K5I4
Sherk Field II38
Shinn Bone Lane Airport IN35
Short Stop Airport 9II1
Shrum Field II98
Shultz /Private/ Airport 4II9
Shure Airport IN57
Siefert Airport IN50
Singleton's Landing Strip IN87
Skip's Place Airport 2IN0
Sky King Airport K3I3
Skylane Airport 3EV
Skyridge Airport IN27
Small Field IN81
Smith Airport II71
Smith Field KSMD
Smitty's Soaring Airport 67IN
Snider Field 0IN1
Solar Heliport 97IN
Solar Nr 1 Heliport 69IN
Solenberg Airport II97
Sommers Airport II79
Songer Airport IN55
South Bend Regional Airport KSBN
Southport Heliport 6II5
Sport Aircraft Flight Park Ultralightport 4II7
Spring Lake Airport IN43
Squaw Creek Heliport 7II5
Squires Airport 10IN
St Anthony Heliport 2IN8
St Anthony Hospital Heliport IN24
St Clare Medical Center Heliport 7II2
St Francis Hospital-Southcampus Heliport 9IN1
St Joseph Medical Center Heliport 13II
St Joseph Regional Medical Center Heliport IN77
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport II47
St Margaret Mercy Heliport 7IN4
St Margaret Mercy Hospital Heliport 72II
St Mary Medical Center Heliport 00IN
St Mary's Medical Center Heliport 1II6
St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital Heliport 27IN
St Vincent Jennings Hospital Heliport 07II
St. Joseph Hospital Heliport II88
St. Vincent Clay Hospital Heliport IN48
Stangland Airport 5IN9
Starke County Airport KOXI
Starke Memorial Hospital Heliport II44
Starkey's Airport IN21
Steinman Airport 53II
Stephenson Airport IN32
Stettler Strip II28
Stevens Farms Airport IN05
Stewart Airport IN68
Stewart Field 95IN
Stewarts Green Acres Airport IN38
Stottlemyer Airport 2II3
Stout Field 3II5
Strietelmeier Flying Field 91IN
Strip Airport II59
Stuntz & Hochstetler Pines Airport 59IN
Sugar Creek Air Park II13
Sullivan County Airport KSIV
Summe Farm Heliport 8II9
Sutton Airport IN00
Sutton's Field 0II8
T & T Airport IN15
Tatertown Airport 2IN3
Terre Haute International Hulman Field KHUF
Terre Haute Pepsi Cola Heliport 6II3
Terry's Airport 3IG3
The King's Daughters' Heliport 21II
The Last Resort Airport 7IN9
The Lazy K Airport 0IN2
The Lutheran Hospital of Indiana Heliport 64II
The Wolf Den Airport 44II
Thomas Airport 3IN9
Thorn Field 7II9
Thrust Industries Airport 8II3
Timber House Airport 31IN
Timber Trails Airport II25
Tippecanoe Seaplane Base IN16
Tragesser Airport 5IN3
Tri State Steuben County Airport KANQ
Tropria Airport IN62
Tucker Farms Airport 74IN
Turkey Run Airport 04II
Turnpaugh Field 6II0
Twelve Oaks Airport II87
Union Hospital Heliport 60II
Universal Mine Heliport II64
Unsicker Airport 0II1
Valhalla Airport IN91
Van De Mark Airport 1II5
Virgil I Grissom Municipal Airport KBFR
Volmedics Heliport 6IN0
Wabash County Hospital Emergency Heliport 62II
Wabash Municipal Airport KIWH
Walker/Rowe Waterloo Airport 4C2
Wallace Field II78
Ward Airport II27
Warsaw Municipal Airport KASW
Washington County Hospital Heliport 86IN
Wawasee Airport 4IN9
Way West Airport 50II
Webster Airport 1II0
Wells County Sheriff's Department Heliport 65IN
West Central Community Hospital Heliport 2II8
Westfield Airport I72
Westrick Airport 47II
Wheeler Airport 3C5
Wheeler Airport IG05
Whelen Airport 6IN2
White Airport IN47
White County Airport KMCX
White's Heliport 94IN
Wietbrock Airport IN90
Wigent Airport 30IN
Wilderness Field IN60
Wilkerson's Airport 61IN
Willcox Airport 26IN
Williams Heliport 9II6
Willis Airport 4II8
Willis Airport Site No. 2 Airport 6II2
Wilson Airport 4IN4
Wilson Airport IN86
Windy Knoll Airport IN51
Windy P Ridge Airport 34IN
Winn Field 37II
Winona Lake Seaplane Base 08IN
Winters Airport 0II9
Wndu Heliport 7II4
Wolfe Field IN65
Wolfelt Heliport IG06
Woodcock Airport II05
Woods Field 63II
Wyandotte Airport 6IN3
Wyckoff Airstrip 5IN4
Yelverton Airport II89
Yoder Airport 2II1
Zeller Elev County Airport IN23
Zollinger Strip II21
Zupancic Field 9IN7