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Airport Name Code
401 City Avenue Heliport 1PA1
5 Lakes Airport PA81
600 Grant Street Rooftop Heliport PN78
7-H Skeet Club Inc. Field PS53
7D Farms Heliport 86PA
A G A Farms Airport 61PN
A.H. Butz Downtown Allentown Heliport 24PN
Abington Memorial Hospital Heliport PN03
Adams Airport 90PA
Aerequus Airport 38PA
Agere Systems-Lehigh Valley Central Campus Heliport PS33
Air Haven Airport 6PA6
Air One Enterprise Heliport PN81
Akm Airfield PN54
Albert Airport 1N3
Albert Einstein Medical Center Heliport 2PS9
Alberter Farms Airport PS52
Aliquippa Hospital Heliport 76PA
Allegheny County Airport KAGC
Allegheny General Hospital Emergency Heliport 42PN
Allegheny Hospitals Canonsburg Heliport PA67
Allegheny Valley Hospital Heliport 7PS6
Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport KXLL
Allied Signal Heliport 6PS9
Altemose Ultralightport PN69
Altoona Blair County Airport KAOO
Altoona Regional Health System-Bon Secours Cam Heliport 4PS2
Altoona Regional Hospital Heliport 74PN
Anzio Heliport PS51
Arco Newtown Heliport PS19
Armstrong County Memorial Hospital Heliport 81PN
Arnold Airport PA43
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport KLBE
Ashland Regional Medical Center Heliport PA32
Ashlawn Airport 3PN1
At&T Solid State Tech Center Heliport PA87
Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp Heliport 56PN
B S Corporation Steelton Plant Heliport 7PS0
Baker Airport PA75
Baker-Sell Airport 2PN5
Bally Spring Farm Airport PA35
Bandel Airport 22D
Baney's Airport 90PN
Banning Heliport PS26
Baratta Heliport 9PN6
Barnes Farmland Airport PS43
Barnhart Airport PS69
Battlefield Heliport PA14
Baublitz Commercial Airport 9W8
Bayfront Garage Heliport 0PS8
Beau Street Heliport 5PS0
Beaver County Airport KBVI
Beaver Creek Ultralightport 1PA5
Beaver Run Heliport PA38
Beaver Seaplane Base 75PN
Beaver Springs Airport PA39
Bedford County Airport KHMZ
Beers Farm Airport PN73
Bellefonte Airport KN96
Beltzville Airport 14N
Ben's Landing Ultralightport PA89
Bendigo Airport 74N
Bentley Airport 1PN0
Benton Airport PA40
Bermudian Valley Airpark 07N
Bert's Airport PS38
Berwick Airport 6PA7
Berwick Hospital Corporation Personal Use Heliport PA42
Bethlehem Steel Plant Heliport 8PS1
Bierly(Personal Use) Airport 01PN
Big Bend Airport US-0120
Bilinski Airport PA07
Bittner-Whitsel Airport 5PN5
Bittner/Whitsel Airport PN58
Black Rock Airport 32PN
Black Swan Farm Heliport 5PA4
Blairsville BSI
Blomster Field Farm Airport 5PA0
Bloomsburg Hospital Heliport PA50
Bloomsburg Municipal Airport KN13
Blue Knob Valley Airport 7G4
Blue Mountain Academy (Private) Airport PA92
Boden Airport 2PA4
Boehm's Field 2PA1
Boeing Helicopters Center 3 South Heliport PS13
Botsford Aerodrome 6PA5
Bowtie Airport PA51
Boyer Airport 63PA
Braden Airpark N43
Bradford County Airport KN27
Bradford Regional Airport KBFD
Braehead Heliport 7PS2
Brandon Airport PN85
Brandywine Airport KOQN
Brandywine Hospital Heliport 2PS6
Branning Field PN33
Brennan Personal Use Airport 2PN7
Brigham Heliport 4PN5
Bristol Usar Center Heliport 47PN
Broadt Personal Use Airport 5PA1
Brokenstraw Airport P15
Brookside Farms Airport 59PN
Brookville Hospital Heliport PA04
Browns Heliport US-0068
Brownsville General Hospital Heliport PS24
Brubaker Heliport PS31
Buckingham Airport PS68
Bucktail Medical Center Heliport 7PS8
Bugs Airport PA68
Bullfly Ultralightport PN48
Burle-Lancaster Heliport US-21PN
Butler County-K W Scholter Field KBTP
Butler Farm Show Airport 3G9
Butler Memorial Hospital Heliport PA41
Butter Valley Golf Port Airport 7N8
Butz Heliport PA27
Buzzards Field PA18
C & W Milliron Flying Field PN13
C.C. Hospital Heliport PS57
C.J.K. Airport 4PN8
Cairnwood Heliport PA64
Cameron County Junior/Senior High School Heliport 8PN7
Campbell's Heliport PN28
Canaan's Field PA17
Capital City Airport KCXY
Captain's Folly Airport PS25
Car Tech Heliport PN20
Carbondale-Clifford Airport 9PA1
Carlisle Airport KN94
Carlisle Barracks Heliport N95
Carlisle Regional Medical Center 21PN
Carlson Airport PN06
Carson Heliport 0PA9
Carsonville Airport 0PS3
Cash Creek Airport PN10
Cast & Baker Heliport PA59
Cataney Airport PN62
Caterpillar Pbp Heliport 7PA9
Cavage Personal Use Airport 15PA
Cedar Acres Private Group Airport 23PA
Cedar Run Airport PN01
Centre Airpark N16
Chambers Airport 5PA8
Chambersburg Hospital Heliport PA60
Champ Field 6PS3
Charles Cole Memorial Hospital Heliport PN09
Charles G. Kalko Airport 7PA3
Chero'kee Furko Heliport PN61
Cherokee Heliport PA93
Cherokee Island Castle Heliport 06PS
Cherry Ridge Airport N30
Cherry Springs Airport K5G6
Cherry Valley Airport 65PA
Chester County G O Carlson Airport KMQS
Chester County Hospital Heliport 3PS0
Chestnut Hill Airport 5PS5
Chestnut Street Garage Heliport 3PS2
Children's Hospital Heliport 1PS5
Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia Heliport 9PN2
Cider Field PS70
Circle W Airfield PA72
Clarion County Airport KAXQ
Clearfield Hospital Heliport 23PN
Clearfield Lawrence Airport KFIG
Cloudbound Airport PA47
Coatesville Heliport 4PS8
Cohen Airport 4PS7
Collegeville Heliport 03PA
Commonwealth Security Systems Heliport PA12
Community Medical Center Heliport 8PS7
Community Medical Center Nap Heliport 0PA8
Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport PS91
Consol Heliport PS04
Control Dynamics Heliport 31PN
Core States - 1st Pa Heliport PS55
Corry Lawrence Airport K8G2
Cosklos Elkview Airport PA53
Couillard Seaplane Base PA15
Countryside Airport 3PN3
Cove Valley Airport 6G6
Coxton Lake Heliport 3PS7
Cranes-N-Lifts Inc Heliport PN07
Crosswinds Airfield PN00
Crozer-Chester Heliport PS65
Cuatros Vientos Airport PA25
Culmerville Airport PN38
Cumberland Valley Airstrip PA66
D.Evans Farm Airport PA73
D.R. Helicopters Heliport 46PN
Danville Airport K8N8
Davis Airport PN08
Davis Family Furniture Heliport 3PA5
Decarbo Ambulance Service Heliport 41PN
Deck Airport K9D4
Dee Jay Airport 8PA1
Deer Lakes Seaplane Base PN65
Deer Meadows Airstrip 8PA3
Deitch Airport 41PA
Delaware Valley Medical Center Heliport 0PS9
Delmont Personal Use Heliport 50PN
Derf Haus Heliport 81PA
Dillen Personal Airport PA02
Dimascio Field 14PA
Divine Providence Hospital Heliport 3PS6
Don's Place Airpark 68PA
Donegal Springs Airpark KN71
Double D Skyranch Airport 5PA2
Downes Airport PS39
Doylestown Airport KDYL
Doylestown Heliport 9PS3
Draco STOLport 84PN
Drewniany-Springmeadow Airport PA85
Drillmore Acres Airport 0PN7
Du Bois Regional Medical Center Heliport PA10
DuBois Regional Airport KDUJ
Dunbar Airport PN49
Dunlea Airpark PN66
Dutch Country Egg Farms Airport PS35
Dwight's Delight Airport PA71
E L Gruber Heliport 43PN
Eagle Field 09PA
Eagle Lodge-Lafayette Hill Heliport 9PS1
Eagles Mere Field Airport 40PN
Eakin Airport 11PN
East Forest Junior/Senior High School Heliport 7PN9
East Penn Airport PA30
Ebensburg Airport K9G8
Echo 8 Communications Facility Heliport 8PA5
Echo Airport PN0
Ecko Field 0PA4
Egolf Airport 2PA7
Elephant Path Airport PS03
Elk Regional Medical Center Heliport 7PS9
Ellwood City Hospital Heliport 6PS0
Emery Field US-0119
Empire Heliport 8PS3
Episcopal Hospital Heliport 36PA
Erie County Airport K3G1
Erie International Tom Ridge Field KERI
Erkes Airport 59PA
Erwinna Private Airport PA77
Evangelical Community Hospital East Heliport 5PS7
Exton Heliport PN39
Fairview Evergreen Airport PN18
Fairview Farm Airfield PS20
Farmers Pride Airport 9N7
Farmington Township Airpark Heliport 78PN
Fauser Ultralightport 7PA5
Federal Reserve Bank Heliport 2PN8
Ferrante Heliport 4PS9
Ferrell Field 00PN
Fetters Construction Airport PA70
Finkhaven Airport 73PN
Finleyville Airpark G05
Fino Airport PN37
Fisher Airport 0PA5
Flat Rock Seaplane Base PA90
Fletcher Airport 0PN0
Flying Acres Airport 0PN2
Flying Dollar Airport 8N4
Flying Eagle Airport PS21
Flying M Aerodrome P91
Flying M Ranch Airport 4PN0
Flying R Airport PN35
Folmar Airport 07PN
Forbes Regional Health Center Heliport 54PN
Fort Lee Heliport 27PA
Fort Lee Heliport PN05
Fortman Heliport 2PN2
Fox Field 34PN
Fox Hollow Airport 3PA6
Foxcatcher Farm Heliport 31PA
Frame Field 82PA
Frankford Hospital-Torresdale Division Heliport 1PS6
Franklin Center Airport 96PA
Franklin County Regional Airport KN68
Franklin Heliport 9PN5
Frederick Airpark 0PS0
Freefall Oz Airport 06PA
Frick Hospital & Community Health Center Heliport PA29
Frymoyer Airport 4PA3
G & N Airport PS05
Gallatin Fuel Heliport 4PN3
Gap View Airport 49PA
Gardner Airport 29PA
Ged Heliport 84PA
Gehris Airport 39PA
Geisinger Heliport 49PN
Geisinger Rooftop Heliport 79PN
Gettysburg Regional Airport KW05
Giffin Airport 3PA4
Gilbert Airport 73PA
Gilfert Airport 77PN
Glenn's Helo Heliport 4PN9
Gnaden Huetten Memorial Hospital Heliport PA99
Gold Mine Field 97PN
Goodwill Fire Co Nr 1 Heliport PN86
Gravel Run Airport 3PN6
Grayce Farms Airport PA82
Graystrip Airport PS46
Greeley Airport PN15
Green Hills Corp Heliport 1PN2
Greencastle Usar Center Heliport 52PN
Greene County Airport KWAY
Greensburg Jeannette Regional Airport 5G8
Greenville Municipal Airport 4G1
Gregg Airport 16PA
Grimes Airport 8N1
Grove City Airport K29D
Grove City Medical Ctr Heliport PA57
Grover Airport PS12
Gunden Airport PS54
Gusler Airport PA74
H&H Personal Use Airport 57PA
H.G.F. Heliport 3PN5
Hackenburg-Penny Hill Airport 6PA3
Hafer Petroleum Equipment Heliport PS60
Hagan Heliport 7PN6
Hahn Heliport PS74
Hahnemann Heliport 1PS7
Haig-K Heliport PS72
Hallett's Airport 8PN2
Hamilton Hill Airport PS47
Hanny Beaver Airpark Inc Airport 80PN
Hanover Airport 6W6
Hanover Hospital Heliport 37PN
Hanover Township Fire Station #5 Heliport PN87
Hansen Airport 5PS4
Harman Airport 0PS7
Harris Airport 3PA8
Harrisburg Hospital Heliport 5PN9
Harrisburg International Airport KMDT
Harsco Heliport 28PN
Hartman Airport PS49
Haunstein Ultralightport 0PA2
Hawkins Field 92PA
Hazleton General Hospital Heliport PS22
Hazleton Municipal Airport KHZL
Heberlig Airport PS02
Heffernan Heliport 5PS8
Helfrick Heliport 8PN5
Helicopter Applicators Inc Heliport 12PA
Helicopter Services Heliport 63PN
Helistop Ridc Industrial Park Heliport 51PN
Hendrick Landing Area Heliport PA09
Henke Heliport 6PN6
Herbst Heliport 0PS6
Hermitage Airport PA22
Hermitage Central Fire Station Heliport 1PS1
Hershey Medical Center Heliport 64PN
Hi Line Lodge Airport 61PA
Hi-Vu Airport PA65
Hiawatha Airport 4PA6
Hideaway Ultralightport 14PS
Hilling International Airport PN64
Hilltop Heliport PN74
Hinaman Acres Airport 1PA0
Hmc Hanger Heliport 8PS5
Hoge Farm Airport 56PA
Holy Redeemer Hospital Heliport PS16
Holy Spirit Hospital Helipad PA48
Homan Airport 47PA
Home Safe Airport PS87
Horizon Hospital System, Greenville Heliport PA46
Horne Airport PN95
Horsham Valley Airways Inc Heliport N48
Horst Airport 3PA0
Hospital of Pottsville Heliport 91PN
Hospital of Univ. of Pa Heliport PA03
Hostetler Airport 0PA6
Huf Airport PS50
Hughes Ultralightport 02PS
Hundley Residence Heliport 09PN
Hunts Cove Seaplane Base PN19
Hurst STOLport 69PA
Husky Haven Airport P32
Ibm Distribution Center Heliport 72PN
Ickes Airport 1PS0
Indian Lake Airport 5G2
Indian Sleep Farm Heliport 5PA7
Indiana County/Jimmy Stewart Fld/ Airport KIDI
Indiana Hospital Heliport PN32
Inter County Airport 31D
J C Blair Memorial Hospital Heliport 64PA
J F T Airport 8PA4
J T Willie Airport 9PS2
Jackson Airport PN68
Jake Arner Memorial Airport K22N
Jameson Memorial Hospital Heliport 3PN4
Jansen Vineyards Airport PN71
Jarrett Airport 5PN7
Jeannette Hospital Heliport 25PA
Jefferson Hospital Heliport 60PN
Jennersville Regional Hospital Heliport 15PS
Jersey Shore Airport P96
Jim Shearer Airport US-PA47
Jj & Pk Airport PA08
John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport KJST
Johnson Airport 2PA5
Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville Airport KVVS
Juergensen Airpark and Maritime Facility Airport PS27
Kampel Airport 2N5
Kane Community Hospital Heliport PA91
Karlindo Airport 3PN2
Kellachows Airport PA54
Keller Brothers Airport 08N
Kelly Heliport 17PA
Keystone Airport 9PA7
Keystone Heliplex Heliport PN34
Kikkatuck Ii Seaplane Base PS88
Kindelberger Landing Strip 24PA
Kings Airport 30PA
Kingsdale Air Park PA23
Kint Farm Heliport PN70
Kirschstein Heliport 89PA
Kiski Airport 85PN
Kitner Airport 0PN4
Knorr Farm Heliport 7PN4
Kolb Airport 43PA
Krill Personal Use Airport PA86
Krout Airport 4PS6
Krumenacker Airport 85PA
Kunda Airport PA61
Kutztown Airport N31
Lackawannock Airport PN99
Lag Iii Heliport 02PA
Lake Airport 19PA
Lake Arthur Field PN84
Lakehill Airport P09
Lamberson Airport 51PA
Lancaster Airport KLNS
Lancaster General Hospital Heliport 5PS1
Lance Airport 9PA0
Lankenau Hospital Heliport 9PA9
Lansdale Hospital Heliport 8PN6
Larksville Borough Heliport PS48
Lars/Private Airport PA33
Latrobe Hospital Heliport PA24
Lazy B Ranch Airport PS08
Lazy J Heliport PN29
Lazy J. Ranch Airport PS82
Leeds & Northrup Co. Heliport 26PN
Airport Name Code
Lehigh Valley International Airport KABE
Lehman Airport 2PA2
Lehman Airport 3PA3
Lenzner Farm Airport 7PS7
Letterkenny Army Depot Helipad Heliport 7PN5
Level Acres Farm Airport PA84
Lewistown Hospital Heliport 5PN6
Lgh-Women and Babies Hospital Heliport 6PN2
Limerick Generating Station Heliport PN63
Lincoln Farms Airport 5PN8
Lindsay Airport PN25
Linvill Airport 0PA7
Little Britain Airport 79PA
Lock Haven Hospital Heliport 4PA4
Logue Airport PA45
Lohr's Landing Airport PN47
Lost Acres Airport 8PN0
M.P. Metals Heliport 03PN
Macungie Mack Heliport 4PA9
Mahon Heliport 5PN4
Malco Airport 2PN1
Malinchak Private Airport 9PN8
Manor Knoll Personal Use Airport 7PA0
Manor Landing Airport 9PS8
Maple Cave Park Airport 93PA
Marian Heliport 0PS2
Marion Center Speedway Airport PN57
Market Garden Airport 2PN3
Marlboro Corporate Park Heliport PS17
Marsh Creek Airport 8PN9
Marsteller Airport PN17
Marther Field 75PA
Masser Field 67PN
Mathna Airport 2PS3
Mazzuca Heliport PS95
Mbb Heliport PS30
Mc Cardle Farm Airport PS11
Mc Cauley'S Airport 8PN3
Mc Clure Airport PN21
Mc Coy Airport 88PA
Mc Crory Stores Heliport 0PS1
Mc Donald's Airport 6PN9
Mc Ginness Airport 8N7
Mc Ville Airport P37
Mcbc Heliport 76PN
Meadow Strip Ultralightport 9PA3
Meadville Medical Center Heliport 45PA
Memmi Airport 0PN6
Memorial Hospital Heliport 2PS2
Memorial Hospital Heliport 5PN2
Merck Sharp & Dohme Heliport 2PS7
Merck/Upper Gwynedd Heliport PN44
Mercy Hospital Heliport PN23
Merritt Field 4PN7
Merrys Pymatuning Airport PA01
Metropolitan Edison Heliport 15PN
Metzler Airport 5PA3
Mid Atlantic Soaring Center Airport W73
Mid State Airport KPSB
Middlebury Airport 8PS0
Mifflin County Airport KRVL
Mifflintown Airport P34
Mike's Heliport PN52
Millard Airport 4PA0
Miller Airport PN56
Mills Brothers Airport 05PS
Miners Memorial Medical Center Heliport PS07
Misty Hill Farm Airport PN14
Mmc Heliport 83PA
Monesmith Airport PA05
Monongahela Valley Hospital Heliport 5PA5
Montrose High School Heliport 22PS
Moorhead Airpark LLC PN40
Morgantown Airport O03
Morris Heliport PS56
Morton's Airport PS64
Motola's Helicopter Service Inc. Heliport 1PA8
Motola's Paving Heliport PN60
Mount Pleasant/Scottdale Airport P45
Mountain Bay Air Park Inc Airport PA49
Mountain Crest Airport 17PS
Mountain Hide-Away Airport 3PS4
Mountain Springs Heliport 94PA
Mountain Top Airport 4PS4
Moyer Airport 3PA9
Moyer Heliport 6PN7
Msd Landing Area Heliport 20PN
Muddy Creek Airport 4PS5
Muddy Run Heliport 4PN4
Muir Army Air Field (Fort Indiantown Gap) Airport KMUI
Muncy Valley Hospital Heliport 7PS5
Myer Airport 6PA0
Napodano Airport 1PN1
Nardo Airport 77PA
Nason Hospital Heliport 3PA7
Navarro Airport 3PA1
Neeb Airport 3PA2
Neiderer Airport PA55
Nelson's Run Airport 39PN
Nemacolin Airport PA88
Nessmuk Heliport 25PN
New Castle Municipal Airport KUCP
New Garden Airport KN57
Nichols Airport 0PN5
Nielsen Airport 99PA
Nort's Resort Airport 01PS
North Middlesex Heliport 6PS6
North Penn Hospital Heliport 95PN
North Penn Usarc Heliport PS34
Northeast Philadelphia Airport KPNE
Northumberland County Airport KN79
Northwest Medical Center Oil City Campus Heliport PS42
Numidia Airport 8PA0
Oakdale Army Heliport 16PN
Oberlander Airport PA52
Offutt Acres Airport PN02
Ohioport Heliport PS10
Old Orchard Airport 0PS4
Old Plains Airport 9PA2
One Meridian Plaza Heliport 10PN
One Montgomery Plaza Heliport 7PA7
Operations Center Heliport PS44
Orson Field 7PA4
P J Valves Heliport 1PS3
Pabst Blue Ribbon Airport PN16
Pamco Pa Heliport 80PA
Paoli Memorial Hospital Heliport 5PS2
Paraport Airstrip 4PS3
Parker-Cramer Airport PS66
Passavant Hospital Heliport PN79
Paul Personal Use Airport 0PN9
Peco Berwyn Heliport 02PN
Peco Oregon Shop Heliport PS75
Pecora Field PS18
Pegasus Air Park 50PA
Penn Dda Inc Heliport PS28
Penn Valley Airport KSEG
Penn's Landing Heliport P72
Pennfield Farm Airport 44PA
Pennridge Airport KCKZ
Penns Cave Airport N74
Pennys Heliport 26PA
Perin Heliport 9PN9
Perkiomen Valley Airport N10
Perry Health Center Heliport 7PN8
Pete's Water Landing Seaplane Base 0PN1
Pheasant Run Heliport 9PS4
Phico Heliport 70PA
Phil Cain Memorial Field 3PN9
Philadelphia Gliderport 0PA0
Philadelphia International Airport KPHL
Philadelphia Market Street Heliport 05PA
Philadelphia Seaplane Base 9N2
Philipsburg Area Hospital Heliport 8PN4
Philmont Heliport 1PA7
Phoenix Technologies Heliport 0PA1
Piac Heliport 10PA
Pine Bottom Heliport 54PA
Pine Heliport 01PA
Pir Heliport 6PS5
Pitcairn Heliport 3PS1
Pittsburgh Children'S Hospital Heliport 30PN
Pittsburgh City Center Heliport PS78
Pittsburgh International Airport KPIT
Pittsburgh-Monroeville Airport 4G0
Pleasant Hill Airport 98PA
Pmmc Heliport 60PA
Pocono Mountain Heliport 6PN4
Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport KMPO
Pocono Raceway Heliport 08PA
Ponderosa Airport 4PA5
Port Meadville Airport KGKJ
Port Meadville Heliport 6PN3
Posh Heliport 6PN8
Pottstown Limerick Airport KPTW
Pottstown Municipal Airport KN47
Poverty Airport PS73
Pq-Lafayette Hill Heliport 7PN2
Practice Football Field PN42
Press Enterprise Heliport PS89
Punxsutawney Area Hospital Heliport 1PS8
Punxsutawney Municipal Airport KN35
Quakertown Airport KUKT
Quemahening Flightpark Ultralightport 2PN4
R J D Heliport 00PA
Ramada Inn-Gettysburg Heliport PS90
Ranch Hill Heliport 5PS6
Ranch-Aero Airport PN90
Ransome Heliport 42PA
Ransome STOLport 57PN
Rayne Airport PN36
Reading Hospital & Medical Center Heliport 96PN
Reading Hospital Heliport 9PS5
Reading Regional Carl A Spaatz Field KRDG
Reed Airport 2PA3
Reichdrill Heliport 20PA
Reigle Field 58N
Reno Airport PN11
Richard L Miller Heliport 3PS3
Richland Acres Ultralightport 13PN
Riddle Memorial Hospital Heliport 6PS4
Ridge Soaring Gliderport 79N
Ridgeview Airport 1PA3
Ridgway Heliport PN89
Rigrtona Airport 13PA
Risker Field 3PS9
Ritz 2 Heliport 53PA
River Hill Aviation Airport PN46
River Hill Heliport PS85
Roadcap Airport 37PA
Robbins Farm Airport 0PA3
Robbins Nest Heliport PS80
Robert Packer Hospital Heliport PS81
Rock Airport 9G1
Rocktop Airport PA58
Rocky Hill Ultralightport 48P
Rocky Hollow Field PN72
Ronca Heliport 8PA2
Rorer Group Heliport 8PN8
Rosenzweig Airport PA76
Rosini Residence Heliport 2PS5
Rostraver Airport KFWQ
Rotelle Heliport 2PS0
Rover Airport PA31
Russo Airstrip 4PA8
Ryon Heliport 21PA
S & C 8th & Market Helistop 9PA4
S & C Distribution Center Heliport 04PA
S W Jack Heliport 53PN
Sabinsville-Consolidated Heliport 35PN
Sagulla Airport PN31
Sainovich Airport PN43
Sam's Field 6PN5
Sanders Personal Use Airport 70PN
Sankey Airport 1PS4
SAP America Heliport 78PA
Sauers-Haven Airport 4PA1
Scandia Air Park 6PA4
Schadels Airport 1PA9
Schiavoni Heliport 06PN
Schrenkel Airport PN30
Schulteis Airport 3PN0
Schulteis Field 71PN
Schuylkill County /Joe Zerbey/ Airport KZER
Sci-Mahanoy Heliport PA37
Seamans Field 9N3
Seesholtz Airport 86PN
Seitz Field 9PN1
Sency Airport 55PA
Seven Springs Airport K7SP
Shadyside Health Edu & Research Corp. Heliport 7PA8
Shadyside Health Education & Research Corp Heliport PA16
Shamokin Hospital Heliport 3PS5
Shangri La Airport 6PA9
Sharon General Hospital Heliport PA94
Sharretts Airport PN91
Sheepshead Airport 4PA7
Shelley Private Airport 27PN
Shenango Valley Medical Center Heliport PS41
Sherrie John Manor Heliport 11PA
Shield Farm Airport 5PA6
Shippensburg Airport N42
Shoestring Aviation Airfield 0P2
Shontz Airport 74PA
Shreveport North Airport 62PA
Shriver Airport 0PN8
Shulls Airport 2PA8
Siepsers Eye Port Heliport 9PS6
Siple Heliport 12PS
Skala Airport PN55
Skepton Heliport 33PN
Skunk Hollow Airport PN83
Sky Classics Field 7PS4
Skyhaven Airport 76N
Skyline Airstrip PN50
Skyview Heliport PA83
Slack Airport 18PA
Slatington Airport 69N
Smithkline Beecham Heliport PS83
Smoketown Airport S37
Snider Seaplane Base PN24
Snook Airport PS06
Snyder Office Heliport PN77
Snyder Ranch Heliport 95PA
Solt Field 9PA5
Somerset County Airport K2G9
Somerset Hospital Heliport 6PA2
Sons Ii Heliport 8PA9
Southern Adams County Heliport P98
Specialty Records Heliport 40PA
Spooky Nook Heliport 19PN
Sports Complex Of Honesdale Heliport 44PN
Spring Hill Airport 70N
Spring Land Heliport 35PA
Spud View Airport 18PN
St Christopher's Hospital For Children Heliport 1PA2
St Clair Memorial Hospital Heliport PN26
St Francis Hospital Heliport PN67
St Francis Medical Center Heliport 5PS3
St Luke's Hospital Heliport PA80
St Margaret Memorial Hospital Heliport 46PA
St Mary Hospital Heliport PS71
St Mary Medical Center Heliport 9PS9
St Marys Municipal Airport KOYM
St Vincent Health Center Heliport 29PN
St. Joseph Medical Center Heliport 22PN
St. Luke's/Pennstar Flight Center Heliport 13PS
St. Vincent Outpatient Center Heliport 7PS1
Stahl's Mountain Airport 3PN7
State Park Heliport 7PA2
State Police Area Iii Heliport 05PN
State Police Area Six Heliport 9PA6
Station 219 Heliport PN27
Stefanik Airport PA36
Sterling Heliport PS01
Still Meadow Farm Airport 8PS2
Stitt Airport PN59
Stone Castle Motel Airport PA44
Stott Private Airport 7PA6
Stottle Memorial Heliport 02P
Stouffers Heliport 6PS2
Strawberry Acres Airport 2PN0
Strawbridge & Clothier Exton Heliport 04PN
Strittmatter Airport PN04
Strizki Ultralightport PA19
Strohmier Airport PN53
Stroudsburg Pocono Airport KN53
Suburban General Hospital Heliport 7PN3
Sugan Pond Heliport PS29
Summers Psnl Use Heliport PN51
Sun Company-Radnor Heliport 2PN9
Sunbury Airport K71N
Sunbury Community Hospital Heliport 2PS8
Sunbury Seaplane Base H11
Sunny Rest Airport 8PA8
Superior Tours Heliport PA13
Susquehanna High School Heliport 7PS3
Sutliff Private Airport 33PA
Sweet Valley Airport PN12
T N Ward Heliport PA34
Tall Pines Airfield 6PA8
Tallman East Airport 58PA
Tallman West Airport PS00
Tate Airport 5PS9
Taylor Flight Park Ultralightport 5PA9
Temple University Heliport PA62
The Gettysburg Hospital Heliport PA11
The Old Commonwealth Aerodrome 2PA6
Thermal G. Ranch Gliderport PA20
Thomas Field 00PS
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport 9PA8
Thomson Heliport 08PN
Three Mile Island Heliport PS14
Tidioute Airport PS61
Tidmore Airport 7PN0
Tinicum Farms Heliport PA79
Tintinhull Airport PA78
Titusville Airport K6G1
Tobyhanna Army Depot Heliport 17PN
Total Rf Heliport 00A
Tower Airfield 6PA1
Trauma Center Heliport 98PN
Travis Airport PS98
Tri-County Heliport PS40
Turnpike Nr 1 Heliport PA95
Turtle Rock Airstrip 8PA6
Tyler Airport 6PS8
Tyler Memorial Hospital Heliport 8PS9
Tyrone Hospital Heliport 5PN3
Uniontown Hospital Heliport 22PA
University Of Pitt Medical Landing Area Heliport PN22
University Park Airport KUNV
Uphill Airport PS67
UPMC Northwest Heliport PN76
Upmc Passavant Cranberry Heliport PA56
Us Army Reserve Center Heliport 36PN
Used Parts Heliport 0PS5
Va Medical Center Heliport PS92
Valley Forge Bicentennial Heliport 0P0
Vansant Airport 9N1
Veit Airport 9PN7
Venango Regional Airport KFKL
Veterans Heliport 48PA
Vicars Private Airport PS15
Vogelsong Airport PA69
W S Lee & Sons Inc Heliport 9PS7
W.P.H.S. Heliport P99
Wagner Airport 1PA4
Waisley Airport 38PN
Waltman Airport 87PA
Waltz Airport 34PA
Warminster Hospital Heliport PS84
Warner-Lambert Heliport 4PA2
Warren Airpark 7PA1
Warren General Hospital Heliport PA97
Washington County Airport KAFJ
Watsontown / Helicopter 1 LLC Heliport US-0186
Wcau Heliport 12PN
Wellsboro Johnston Airport KN38
West Company Heliport 67PA
West Coplay Heliport PN82
West Middlesex Airport PA21
West Penn Hospital Heliport PN80
West Penn Township Airport PS99
Westmoreland Hospital Heliport PA28
Wgal-Tv Heliport 2PS4
Whittle Airport 1PA6
Wicker & Wings Aerodrome 1PS9
Wildcat Airport 52PA
Wilkes Barre Scranton International Airport KAVP
Wilkes Barre Wyoming Valley Airport KWBW
Wilkes-Barre General Hosptial Heliport PN75
William T. Piper Memorial Airport KLHV
Williams Grove Heliport 4PN6
Williamsport Hospital & Medical Center Heliport 66PA
Williamsport Regional Airport KIPT
Willow Grove Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base KNXX
Willows Airport 97PA
Wilson Heliport 2PA9
Wind Drift Heliport PS62
Windy Hill Airport PS23
Wings Field KLOM
Wnep-Tv Heliport PA98
Wpxi-Tv Evergreen Road Heliport PA63
Wpxi-Tv Television Hill Heliport 83PN
Wxkw Heliport PA26
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Heliport 3PN8
Wyeth-Ayerst Nr Heliport 0PN3
Wyoming Valley Medical Center Heliport PN45
Yarrow Airport 28PA
Ybp Heliport 71PA
Yingst Airport 3PS8
York Airport KTHV
York Electro-Panel Psnl Use Heliport 72PA
York Hospital Alternate Heliport 7PN7
York Hospital Heliport 94PN
Yost Personal Use Airport 32PA
Zelienople Municipal Airport KPJC
Zettlemoyer Airport 2PA0
Ziggy's Field 03PS
Zokaites Heliport 9PS0