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Airport By


Airport Name Code
02 Ranch Airport 46TE
11 Tv Dallas Heliport TE56
3321 Westside Heliport XS38
4-G Ranch Airport XS50
4-Shipp Airport 4XA5
4BH Heliport 36TS
4M Ranch Airfield 48TE
5-State Heliport TE82
6666 Ranch Airport 6TE6
74 Ranch Airport 0XA5
A L Mangham Jr. Regional Airport KOCH
A M I G O For Christ Airport 2TA9
A W Ranch Airport XS79
A&A Flying Service Airport XS39
AAF Heliport XA63
Abernathy Municipal Airport KF83
Abilene Executive Airpark TX00
Abilene Regional Airport KABI
Abilene Regional Medical Center Heliport 4TX1
Action 5 Heliport 6TX1
Action Nr 2 Heliport TS99
Addington Field 4TX8
Addison Airport KADS
Adkins Heliport XA28
Aero Country Airport KT31
Aero Crafter Inc Heliport 44TA
Aero Estates Airport T25
Aero Estates Airport US-TX54
Aero Heliport 9TA0
Aero-Bee Ranch Airstrip 89TX
Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport 0TX4
Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport 85TS
Ag Aviation Airport 7TS9
Ag-Air Inc. Airport 79TX
Agricultural Supplies Airport XS42
Ainsworth Airport 06TE
Air Evac 53 Heliport 2XA8
Air Logistics Heliport TS79
Air Logistics Sabine Heliport 95XS
Air Logistics-Freeport Heliport 5TS6
Air Park Dallas Airport KF69
Air Ranch Estates Airport 60TA
Airpark East Airport 1F7
Akroville Airport XA68
Alba-Golden Heliport TE54
Albany Municipal Airport KT23
Aldine Heliport 67TS
Alert Field 18TE
Alexander Ranch Airport 5TE3
Alfred C 'Bubba' Thomas Airport KT69
Alice International Airport KALI
Alison Air Park 7TS2
Allen Ponderosa Heliport 07XS
Allied Northborough Heliport 84TA
Allison Farm Airport XA34
Allison Ranch Airport 13TX
Allison Ranch Airport 4TS7
Alpine Range Airport 00TS
Alta Vista Ranch Airport 0TA7
Alvie Cole Ranch Airport 64F
Alvin Airpark 6R5
Amoco Heliport TA74
Anacacho Ranch Airport 0XS7
Anchorage Farm Field 56TX
Anderosa Airpark TA43
Andrews County Airport KE11
Angelina County Airport KLFK
Angelo Community Hospital Heliport 7TA9
Annandale Ranch Airport 2XS7
Anxiety Aerodrome TA05
Apache Pass Airport 4XA4
Apache Springs Airport 64TE
Aransas County Airport KRKP
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Airport XS10
Archer City Municipal Airport KT39
Arco High Island Heliport 15TE
Arco Ingleside Shorebase Heliport 0TA6
Arco Sabine Heliport TS48
Aresti Aerodrome TE02
Arledge Field KF56
Arlington Marriott Hotel Heliport XS54
Arlington Municipal Airport KGKY
Armstrong Ranch Airport 47TX
Arnett Landing Airport 27XA
Arrow 'S' Ranch Airport TE26
Arrowhead Airport 79TE
Arrowhead Ranch Airport TE63
Ashford Field 7TX9
Athens Municipal Airport KF44
Austin Bergstrom International Airport KAUS
Austin Diagnostic Medical Center Heliport 1XS5
Austin Executive Airport US-0062
Austinia Airport TS50
Avenger Field KSWW
Aviasud Airpark TS95
Avsi-Sugar Land Heliport 68TA
B & S Ultralightport 1TS3
B & S Warehouse Heliport 6TA6
B. J. Mc Combs Sisterdale Airport 08TE
Bailes Airport 7R9
Bailey Airport 2TS8
Bains Private Airport 20TS
Baker's Place Airport TX61
Bald Eagle Pad Heliport 58TS
Ball Airport 42TE
Ball Park Heliport 83XS
Baltzell's Las Brisas Heliport 3TA3
Bamberger Ranch Airport 48T
Baptist Hospital of Se Texas Heliport TS09
Baptist Medical Center Heliport 09XS
Baptist St Anthony's Hospital Heliport 6TX5
Bar 16 Airport 1TS2
Bar 3 Ranch Airport 0XA7
Bar S Ranch Airport 9TX1
Bar V K Airport TX32
Barbaro North Heliport 94TE
Barclay's Roost Airport TA73
Barge Ranch Airport 62TX
Barnett Airport 63TA
Barnstormer Airport TE99
Barronena East Airport TS69
Barronena Ranch Airport 03TE
Barstool Ranch Airport 51TE
Barton Field 1XS4
Barton Memorial Airport TS51
Bartos Farm Airport 47XS
Basslake Airport US-0150
Bat Cave Field TS55
Bates Field 71TA
Baum Airport TA46
Bay City Municipal Airport KBYY
Bay Electric Supply Heliport T95
Baycoast Medical Center Heliport 21TS
Bayless Airport TS90
Baylie Airport 66XS
Baylor All Saints Medical Center Heliport XA18
Baylor Health Center At Irving Coppell Heliport 4XA7
Baylor Medical Center At Carrollton Heliport 4XS4
Baylor Medical Center Heliport 02TE
Baylor Regional Medical Center At Plano Heliport XA79
Baylor University Medical Center Dallas Heliport XA61
Baylor University Medical Center Grapevine Heliport 78TX
Baytown Airport KHPY
Bb Airpark TE88
Beach Ranch Airport 2TE7
Bear Creek Heliport 10TA
Bear Creek Ranch Airport 5TS8
Bear Heliport TS59
Beauchamp Airstrip US-0160
Beaumont Municipal Airport KBMT
Beaver Creek Airport 9XS2
Becker Airport 65TS
Bee Creek Airport 34TE
Beechwood Heliport TX65
Beefmaster's Best Airport 1XS9
Beeville Municipal Airport KBEA
Beggs Ranch Airport 1TX3
Beggs Ranch Airport 9TX6
Beggs Ranch/Aledo/ Airport TX15
Belcher Airport US-0138
Bell Airfield XS56
Bell Helicopter Hurst Heliport 0TE2
Bell Helicopter Plant-3 Heliport TA99
Bell Helicopters Auxiliary Heliport 6TA8
Bell Training Facility Heliport 3XS7
Belo Broadcasting Heliport TA37
Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark 4TE8
Benger Air Park KX54
Benjamin Franklin Airport 59TX
Bennetts Airport 9TX2
Benny White Flying Airport XA77
Benson Airstrip 2XS8
Berry Airport 2TX5
Bertani Ranch Airport 23TS
Bethal Airport US-0151
Bevoni-Flying B Airport 36TX
Big Bend Ranch State Park Airport 3TE3
Big Bend Regional Medical Center Heliport 17TS
Big Brown Creek Airstrip TX73
Big Duke's Place Airport 5TS9
Big Spring Mc Mahon-Wrinkle Airport KBPG
Big Tank Ranch Airport 76TE
Big Town Heliport 7TX3
Biggin Hill Airport TA67
Biggin Hill Airport TX49
Biggs Army Air Field (Fort Bliss) KBIF
Birchfield Ranch Airport XA44
Bird Dog Airfield TE58
Birdnest Airport 65XS
Birk Airport 4TX4
Bishop Airport 76T
Bishop Field 68TS
Bishop Municipal Airport K07R
Bishop's Landing Airport T80
Black Mark Strip 5TX4
Blackwood Airpark TX46
Blanco Landing Airport 3TA5
Bleakley Ranch Airport 5TE2
Blo Airport 12TS
Block Ranch Airport TX78
Blue Mountain Airport TA56
Blue Skies Airport 77TA
Blue Sky Airfield 2TX0
Bmcg Heliport TX76
Boe-Wrinkle Airport 28TS
Boening Brothers Airport 7TE9
Boerne Stage Field K5C1
Bogan & Fontenot Airport 88XS
Bolton Airport 1TE3
Booker Airport US-0149
Boon/Lovelace Airport 5TX8
Bourland Field K50F
Bowie Municipal Airport K0F2
Boyd Field 54X
Brabsom Farm Airport US-0025
Brackenridge Hospital Heliport 18TS
Bradair Heliport 66TA
Brandes Air Field 05TA
Brazoria County Airport KLBX
Breakaway Park Airport 40XS
Brenham Municipal Airport K11R
Bridgeport Municipal Airport KXBP
Bridges Field 53TS
Bridle Ridge Airport TS87
Briggs / Skotz Airfield 99XA
Briggs Ranch Airport 99TX
Briscoes Catarina Ranch Airport 1TE1
Britts Crosswind Airport 91TE
Brooks County Airport KBKS
Broussard Farm Airport 7TS7
Brown & Root-Clinton Heliport TS93
Brown Field 96TX
Brown Ranch Airport 57TX
Brownfield Regional Medical Center Heliport TX63
Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport KBRO
Brownwood Regional Airport KBWD
Bruce Field KE30
Bruner Airport 8TS3
Brushy Creek Airport 69XS
Bryant's Landing Airport TS03
Bta Heliport 70TA
Buccaneer Shore Facility Heliport 9TA6
Bucker Field TE39
Bucker Field TE74
Buckmaster Heliport 34TX
Buddy Harmel Airport 0TA1
Buffalo Airport 1.00E+07
Buffalo Chips Airpark TE45
Bufords Field 8TA8
Bullhead Heliport 45TS
Bulverde Airpark 1T8
Burleson County Hospital Heliport 33TS
Burnet Municipal Kate Craddock Field KBMQ
Burress Airport XS30
Burris Ranch Airport 2TE6
Butler Airport 11TX
Buzz Field 0TE3
Byram Ranch Airport 63XS
Byrt Airport 5XS9
C David Campbell Field Corsicana Municipal Airport KCRS
C F C Aviation Ranch Airport XS12
C Lazy T Ranch Airport TS20
Cabaniss Field Nolf Airport KNGW
Cactus Hill Airport 29TA
Caddo Mills Municipal Airport K7F3
Cade Field TX97
Cage Ranch Airport 7TE2
Calaway Airport TS08
Caldwell Municipal Airport KRWV
Calhoun County Airport KPKV
Callaghan Ranch Airport 90TX
Camelot Airport 54TE
Cameron Municipal Airpark KT35
Cameron Ranch Airport TE97
Camp Bullis Als (Cals) Airport 9TX5
Camp Bullis Heliport 9R7
Camp Longhorn Airport 84TX
Campbell Field 06XS
Candelaria Airport XA95
Cannon Aviation Airport 6XS5
Cannon Field 53TX
Canon Ranch Airport 9TX9
Canton Hackney Airport K7F5
Canyon Lake Airport 34TS
Canyon Ranch Airport TE37
Capitol National Bank Building Heliport 04TA
Card Aerodrome 0TX9
Card Airfield 4XA2
Cardiff Brothers Airport 56TE
Carlisle Airport 7TE5
Carrington Heliport TX06
Carroll Lake-View Airport US-0148
Carter Ranch Airport 89TS
Carter Ranch STOLport 8TE7
Carter-Norman Airport TA87
Caselman Ranch Airport TE40
Casey Field TE06
Casey Three Ranch Airport XS62
Castroville Municipal Airport KCVB
Cedar Circle Heliport 32XS
Cedar Mills Airport 3T0
Cedar Park Rgnl Medical Center Heliport XS19
Celina Field TS40
Center Municipal Airport KF17
Chacon Creek Ranch Airport 3TA9
Chambers Airport TA85
Chambers County Airport KT00
Chambers County Winnie Stowell Airport KT90
Chan-C Airport 5TS2
Chaney San Francisco Ranch Airport 92TE
Channel Two Heliport 12TA
Chaparrosa Ranch Airport 72TE
Charles J Hughes Ranch Airport 74XS
Charles L Kelly Army Heliport T22
Charles R Johnson Airport KT05
Charlton Methodist Hospital Heliport XS97
Charlton-Careflite Heliport 9TA5
Charping Airport 5TA1
Charter Bank Building Heliport 27TX
Chase Field Industrial Airport 1XA2
Cherokee County Airport KJSO
Cherry Spraying Service Airport XS24
Chesson Airport XS33
Chevron Chemical County Heliport TA98
Chicken Strip 3XA8
Chigger Field TE52
Childress Municipal Airport KCDS
Childress Regional Medical Center Heliport TA91
Christian Ranch Airport 7XS5
Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Heliport 53TE
Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial Heliport 0TE1
Christus Spohn South Heliport 1XA3
Christus St Joseph Hospital Heliport XA67
Christus St. John Hospital Heliport 3XA5
Chuckster Airport XA17
Chupadera Ranch Airport 95TX
Cibolo Creek Ranch Airport TS15
Cibolo Sea-Willo Airpark TE67
Cielo Dorado Estates Airport TA50
Cielo Grande Ranch Airport 87TA
Cig 402 Heliport 98TX
Cig 804 Heliport 1TS7
Cig 806 Heliport 7TS5
Cig 809 Heliport TS12
Cig 816 Heliport 9TS2
Cinco B Ranch Airport 87XS
Circle 'A' Ranch Airport 05TX
Circle C Ranch Airport 71TS
Circle Eight Ranch Airport XA04
Circle H Farm's Ltd Airport US-0158
Circle M Ranch Airport 6TX2
Circle P Ranch Airport 41TA
Circle P Ranch Airport 82XS
Circle R Ranch Airport 2TS4
Cisco Municipal Airport K3F2
Citizens Medical Center Heliport 3XS2
City of Fort Worth Heliport TX85
City of Tulia-Swisher County Municipal Airport KI06
Clark Airport 3T6
Clark Field Municipal Airport KSEP
Clark Sky Ranch Airport 3TA2
Clarksville Red River City-J D Trissell Field KLBR
Clear Fork Ranch Heliport TA54
Clear Lake Regional Medical Center Heliport 52XS
Cleburne Municipal Airport KCPT
Cleveland Airport TE12
Cleveland Municipal Airport K6R3
Clifton Municipal Isenhower Field K7F7
CLM Ranch Airport US-0134
Clover Lake Farms Airport TE77
Club House Nr 1 Heliport 7TA2
Cluck Ranch Airport K2E3
Coastal Bend Hospital Heliport TE00
Cochran County Airport KF85
Coker Hill Heliport 57TS
Coldwater Ranch Airport 6TE4
Coleman Cattle Company Nr 1 Airport 75TA
Coleman Cattle Company Nr 2 Airport 76TA
Coleman Municipal Airport KCOM
Collin County Regional At Mc Kinney Airport KTKI
Colorado City Airport KT88
Columbia Lakes Heliport 4XS3
Columbia Valley Regional Heliport 2XS0
Columbus Community Hospital Heliport TA15
Comanche Caves Ranch Airport 4TA6
Comanche County City Airport KMKN
Comanche Hospital Heliport 3XS9
Comanche Ranch Airport 5TE0
Comfort Airpark 17TE
Commerce Municipal Airport K2F7
Community Hospital Heliport TS86
Cone Airport 30TE
Connies Aviation Airport XA42
Conoco Heliport 11TA
Cook Canyon Ranch Airport TA25
Cook Children's Medical Center Heliport XA36
Coon Creek Club Heliport XA87
Coppenger Farm Airport TX95
Corpora Airport 1TE5
Corpus Christi International Airport KCRP
Corpus Christi Naval Air Station/Truax Field KNGP
Corralitos Airport XS94
Costello Island, Inc Airport 4TA3
Cotton Patch Airport TA75
Cottonpatch Aerodrome TA77
Cotulla-La Salle County KCOT
Cougar Landing Airport XA85
Coulter Field KCFD
Covey Trails Airport X09
Cow Pasture Airport TE16
Cowden Heliport 7TS1
Cox Field KPRX
Coyote Crossing Airport TA26
Coyote Field 4XS1
Cozby-Germany Hospital Heliport XA01
Crane County Airport KE13
Creasy Airport 5TA5
Creech Heliport TA94
Creekside Air Park XA46
Creekside Airport 03XS
Crescent C Ranch Airport TX79
Crosbyton Municipal Airport K8F3
Cross Triangle Ranch Airport 2XS5
Cross Wind Acres Airport TE47
Cross Wind Airport 08TX
Cross-B Airport 24XA
Cross-Country Estates Airport 07TS
Crosswinds Airfield TE96
Crystal City Municipal Airport K20R
Cts Stacy Airport US-0135
Cuddihy Field 07TE
Cuero Community Hospital Heliport 2TE9
Cuero Municipal Airport T71
Culberson County Airport KVHN
Culp Airport 6TA3
Cunningham Airpark TX09
Curtis Field KBBD
Curtis Ranch Field 12TE
Cut and Shoot Airport 19TE
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Heliport 21TA
Cypress River Airport K24F
D W C Heliport 1TA3
D.F.C.H. Heliport TE42
Dailey Inc Heliport 3TS8
Dale Acres Airport 6TS3
Dalhart Municipal Airport KDHT
Dallas Cbd Vertiport Heliport 49T
Dallas City Hall Heliport TA40
Dallas Executive Airport KRBD
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport KDFW
Dallas Love Field KDAL
Dallas Rehabilitation Institute Heliport 9TS8
Dallas South Port Airport T13
Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center Heliport 56TA
Dan E Richards Municipal Airport K3F6
Dan Jones International Airport KT51
Danz Ranch Airport XA02
Darmar Medical Emergency Heliport 2TA0
Dauenhauer Field Airport 6TS2
David Granberry Memorial Hospital Heliport 99TS
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport KDWH
De Leon Municipal Airport 04F
Dean Airport 69TA
Dean Ranch Airport 14TA
Dean Ranch Airport XS49
Dearing Ranch Airport 73XS
Decatur Municipal Airport KLUD
Deep Creek Ranch Airport XS61
Deer Meadow Ranch Airport 5TA8
Deer Pasture Airport 69TE
Deiterich Ranch Airport TE95
Del Rio Heliport XS82
Del Rio International Airport KDRT
Del Valle Airport TA55
Del-Tex Airport TS42
Dell Children'S Medical Center Heliport 3XA6
Dell City Heliport 4TE5
Dell City Municipal Airport K2E5
Delta Mechanical Inc Heliport 9TA9
Dennis's Flying Farm Airport TA86
Denton Community Hospital Heliport TX50
Denton Municipal Airport KDTO
Denton Regional Medical Ctr - Flow Campus Heliport TS58
Dentonio Ranch Airport 1TS6
Denver City Airport KE57
Department of Public Safety Heliport 6TX0
Department of Public Safety Heliport 8TA2
Department of Public Safety Heliport XS84
Detar Hospital - Navarro Campus Heliport XA70
Deussen Field 45TE
Devil's River Ranch Airport 4TE7
Devine Municipal Airport K23R
Dew Drop Airport 05TS
Dewberry Heliport TX28
Diamond E Ranch Heliport 9TS0
Diamond H Ranch Airport 0XS0
Diamond J Airport TS85
Diamond K Ranch Airport 3TA1
Diamond N Ranch Airport 06TX
Diamond O Ranch Airport XS93
Diamond Seven Ranch Airport 43TA
Diamondaire Airport XS74
Dibrell Airport 81TS
Diehl Ranch Airport 5TS0
Dillard Ranch Airport TE01
Dilley Airpark K24R
Dimmit County Airport KCZT
Dimmitt Municipal Airport KT55
Dm Ranch Airport XA88
Dobbs Ranch Airport 9XS0
Doctors Hospital Heliport 28XA
Dooley Airport 0TS1
Dos Arroyos Ranch Airport XS20
Double A Airport XA75
Double D Ranch Airport XS73
Double U Ranch Airport 1XS0
Douglas Flying Service Private Airport 6TE8
Douglass Ranch Airport TX56
Dps-Tyler Heliport 2TS9
Draggintail Acres Airport 19XS
Draughon Miller Central Texas Regional Airport KTPL
Dreamland Airport XA48
Drennan Airport 3XA0
Drennan Farm Airport 92TA
Dresser Industries/Magcobar/ Heliport 9TE9
Drewery Airport 6TX3
Driftwood Ranch Airport XA86
Drop Field 3TX8
Drv Downtown Houston Aquarium Heliport XA19
Dry Branch Ranch Airport TS44
Dry Creek Airport TS07
Dryden Airport TX05
Dublin Municipal Airport K9F0
Ducote Airpark TS65
Duke Ranch Airport TX38
Dunbar Ranch Airport 0XS8
Dunham Field 1XS1
Durwood Greene Construction Company Heliport 7XS4
Duval County Ranch Co Airport 28TA
Duval Freer Airport KT19
Dyess Air Force Base KDYS
E D S Heliport 49TS
Eagle Air Airport 1TS0
Eagle Air Park 2TE0
Eagle Airport TA51
Eagle Lake Airport KELA
Eagle Lake Community Hospital Heliport TA39
Eagle Landing Airport 61TA
Eagle Rock Ranch Airport 3XA7
Eagle's Landing Airport 2TX8
Eagle's Nest Estates Airport 2TS6
Eagles Aerodrome 55T
Eagles Nest Gliderport TE33
East Side Airport 3TS0
East Texas Medical Center Clarksville Heliport 23XA
East Texas Medical Center Crockett Heliport XS04
East Texas Regional Airport KGGG
Easterwood Field KCLL
Eastland Municipal Airport KETN
Eberly Ranch Airport TX70
Echo Lake Airport TX40
Eckels Heliport TA45
Ed Shadle Airport 15TX
Edgington Ranch Airport XA03
Eds Administration Nr 1 Heliport 6TS5
Eds Administration Nr 2 Heliport TX59
Eds Hangar Heliport 1TS4
Eds Heliport 0XS4
Eds Superdrome Heliport TX80
Edwards Airport 8TX3
Edwards County Airport KECU
Edwards Lucian Wells Ranch Airport TX31
Ehni Airport XA52
Eisenbeck Ranch Airport US-0161
El Caballero Airport 2XA1
El Campo Airpark TS96
El Coyote Ranch Airport 2TA8
El Jardin Ranch Airport XA66
El Paisano Airport 72XS
El Paso International Airport KELP
Eldorado Airport K27R
Elgin Intracontinental Airport 56TS
Ellington Field KEFD
Elm Creek Airpark 0TX6
Elmdale Airpark 82TS
Embry Ranch Airport TX67
Emergency Room At Magnolia Heliport 30XA
Emergency-1 Houston Center Heliport TA62
En Gedi Ranch Airport XA96
Ennis Municipal Airport KF41
Era Helicopters Sabine Base Heliport 2TA7
Erco Field 0TA4
Estates Airpark XS09
Ethyl Corp Heliport 2TX9
Etmc - Athens Heliport TX17
Etmc - Gilmer Heliport XA39
Etmc - Gun Barrel City Heliport TS72
Etmc - Pittsburg Heliport XA27
Etmc - Quitman Heliport XA50
Etmc Trinity Heliport XA30
Eugene's Dream Airport 6XS7
Evergreen Helicopters Heliport 51XS
Everitt Airport 2TX6
F R Duke Farm Airport XS72
F-6 Ranch Air Field US-0137
Fabens Airport KE35
Fair Weather Field TX42
Fairview Airport 7TS0
Fairview Field XA05
Fairway Farm Airport 86TS
Faith Cattle Company, Longfellow Ranch Airport 8TE6
Faith Ranch Airport XA89
Falcon's Nest Heliport 7TX2
Fall Creek Air Ranch STOLport 52TS
Fall Creek Ranch Airport XA43
Farm Air Service Airport XS27
Farm Services Inc Airport XS64
Farmer's Co-Op Airport 30TX
Farwell Spraying Service, Inc Airport 30XS
Faulkner Point Heliport 90TA
Faust Farm Airport TA35
Fayette Regional Air Center Airport K3T5
Fehmel Dusting Service Airport T84
Fenner Ranch Airport 22TE
Fentress Airpark XS90
Ferris Airport 25TA
Ferris Red Oak Municipal Heliport 12T
Field's Field 7TA0
Figure 1 Ranch Airport 4TE1
Figure 2 Ranch Airport 88TA
Fina Bayport Heliport 1TA0
Finley Ranch Airport 4TE3
Fire Department Training Center Heliport 73TS
First Bank Plaza Garage Heliport TS17
First City Financial Center Heliport 4TS0
Fisher County Airport K56F
Fisher Ranch Airport 67TE
Flamingo Airfield TA59
Flat Bush Airport XA99
Flat Top Ranch Airport 74TE
Flattop Ridge Airport TA63
Flf Gliderport TX23
Flight Safety Texas Heliport TX90
Flower Mound Airport 0TS0
Floydada Municipal Airport K41F
Fly 1 On Airport XA90
Fly-N-Fish Lodge Airport TA42
Fly-N-Ski Airport 31XS
Flyers Field 31TS
Flyin Armadillo Airport TE55
Flyin Tiger Airport 81D
Flyin' B Airport 39R
Flying 'K' Airport TA27
Flying 'K' Ranch Ultralightport 0TS8
Flying 'T' Ranch Airport 18TX
Flying Armadillo Field 1XA5
Flying B Airport TS54
Flying B Ranch Airport TS71
Flying B Ranch Airport XS06
Flying B Ranch Airport US-0018
Flying B Ranch Airstrip 35TX
Flying Bull Ranch Airport TA52
Flying C Airport T87
Flying C Ranch Airport 65TA
Flying C Ranch Airport XS25
Flying Cap Valley Airport TS53
Flying D Airport XS00
Flying D Ranch Airport TA29
Flying E Ranch Airport 7XS1
Flying Eagle Ranch Airport 65TX
Flying F Airport 36XS
Flying F Ranch Airport 1TE2
Flying G Airport 28XS
Flying G Airport TA34
Flying G H Ranch Airport 9TE7
Flying H Ranch Airport 54TX
Flying H Ranch Airport 9TX4
Flying H Ranch Airport T29
Flying Hare Airport 34XS
Flying Hare Airport US-0139
Flying Heart Ranch Airport 70TE
Flying J Airport 86TX
Flying J Ranch Airport 7TE4
Flying K Airport 6TA7
Flying K Airport 7TX8
Flying L Airpark 6TX7
Flying L Airport TE90
Flying M Airport TA08
Flying M Ranch Airport 11TE
Flying M Ranch Airport 7TA7
Flying Nd Ranch Airport US-0140
Flying O Airport TX29
Flying Oaks Airport 2TE2
Flying P Airport 3TX7
Flying R Ranch Airport 77TS
Flying R Ranch Airport TX94
Flying S Air Ranch Airport 10XS
Flying S Farm Airport 3TX2
Flying S Ranch Airport 2XA4
Flying S Ranch Airport 63TE
Flying S Ranch Airport TX37
Flying T Ranch Airport 41TS
Flying Tigers Airport 39TA
Flying U Airport 0TS7
Flying V Airport 71XS
Flying V Ranch Airport T26
Flying W Airport TE08
Flying W Heliport TA10
Flying X River Ranch Airport 8TA3
Foard County Airport 2XA0
Follett Lipscomb County Airport KT93
Forest Hill Airport 4TX3
Fort Clark Springs Airport 74TX
Fort Duncan Medical Center Heliport 0XA2
Fort Hancock Heliport 4.00E+09
Fort Stockton Pecos County Airport KFST
Fort Wolters Helicopters Heliport 88TS
Fort Worth Alliance Airport KAFW
Fort Worth Meacham International Airport KFTW
Fort Worth Nas Jrb/Carswell field KNFW
Fort Worth Spinks Airport KFWS
Fossil Creek Ranch Airport TE78
Foster Ranch Airport 2XS6
Four Square Ranch Airport 3TA0
Four Winds Airport 1TS9
Fox Airport 48TS
Fox Stephens Field Gilmer Municipal Airport KJXI
Franklin County Airport KF53
Fraser Farm Airport 43TS
Freedom Field 7T0
Freedom Springs Ranch Airport TA66
Freeman Ranch Airport 8TX2
Frels Airport 2TE4
French Field 0XS9
Frerich Ranch Airport 73TX
Frio Regional Hospital Heliport TE98
Front Yard Landing Area Heliport TX14
Frontier Airport 55XS
Fuller Airport TS00
Furst Ranch Heliport 24XS
Fwomc Heliport 02TS
G H Hart Nr 2 Heliport 56XS
G W Heliport 36TA
Gaines County Airport KGNC
Gainesville Municipal Airport KGLE
Galaxy Ranch Airport 72TS
Galvestonian Heliport 64TA
Ganze Ranch Airstrip TX89
Gardner Farm Airport 18XS
Garland/Dfw Heloplex Heliport T57
Garner Field KUVA
Garnett Ranch Airport 4XS9
Garrett Ranch Airport 77XS
Gary's Airport 5XS4
Gatesville Municipal Airport KGOP
Gateway Helistop 62TS
Gay Hill Farm Airport 03TA
Gdap Air Ranch Airport 97TS
Gellhorn Pad Heliport 82TA
General Plumbing Contractors Heliport 22XA
George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport KIAH
George P Shanks Airport 54TA
Georgetown Municipal Airport KGTU
Gerum Farm Airport TE36
Gesin Ranches Airport 86XS
Ghost Apache Airport 45XS
Ghsa-Wallis Glideport Gliderport TE71
Giddings Lee County Airport KGYB
Gillespie County Airport KT82
Gillingham Airport 8TE0
Gizmo Field XS55
Glad Oaks Airport 2XS3
Gladewater Municipal Airport K07F
Glaser Field 06TA
Glass Airport TS74
Glass Ranch Airport 74TA
Glasscock Field 4TS8
Glen Beicker Ranch Airport 83R
Glen Rose Medical Center Heliport XA54
Glenmar Airport TS11
Gloster Aerodrome 1XA7
Glover Airport XS70
Gmf Ranch Heliport TX84
Go Helitrans Heliport 97TE
Goebel Field 4TS5
Golden Pegasus Ranch Heliport 76TS
Goliad County Industrial Airpark 7T3
Good Shepherd Medical Center Heliport 3XS6
Goodall Ranch Airport US-0159
Goode Field TX43
Goodlett Field 9TS6
Goodson Honda Heliport 9XS8
Gorman Airport 0TE6
Gottwald Field 10TE
Gould Strip 46TA
Graco Mechanical Inc Heliport XS26
Graham Field XS31
Graham Municipal Airport KRPH
Granbury Regional Airport KGDJ
Grand Prairie Municipal Airport KGPM
Grand Valley Lands Airport US-0032
Granite Shoals Municipal Airport 32TE
Gravco STOLport 2TA1
Grawunder Field 06R
Gray Steel Heliport 22TS
Greater Morris County Airport K8F5
Green Acres Airport TA90
Green Airport TX92
Green Lake Ranch Airport 69TX
Green Ranch Airport TX36
Grier Airport 71TX
Griffin Airport 12TX
Griffith Ranch Airport TE73
Gross Private Airport US-0143
Grosser Airport 63TX
Grove Hill Airport 5TX2
Groveton Trinity County Airport K33R
Gruver Municipal Airport KE19
Guadalupe Hospital Heliport XS98
Gulf Coast Medical Center Heliport TE07
Gulf Tower Heliport TS82
Gulfcoast Heliport TS45
Gum Island Airport 3TE1
Gun Barrel City Airpark 74xa
Gws Inc Construction Heliport TS19
H & F Properties Airport 8TE4
H & S Airfield XS21
H B Zachry Heliport 8XS7
H E B Hospital Heliport TX30
H H Coffield Regional Airport KRCK
H M Ranch Airport XS05
H Young Ranch Airport 4XS6
H.S.I. Heliport TE49
Haass Field TE57
Hackberry Airport 1XA8
Hackberry Ranch Airport XS69
Hahns Airport 6TE3
Haire Airport TX33
Hale County Airport KPVW
Hall Airport 30TS
Hall Airport K00
Hall Miller Municipal Airport KATA
Hallettsville Municipal Airport K34R
Hamilton Aircraft, Inc Airport 5TA0
Hamilton Municipal Airport KMNZ
Hamilton Ranch Airport 8TS0
Hamlin Memorial Hospital Heliport 48TA
Hamlin Municipal Airport K14F
Hancock Airport 4TX5
Happy Landings Airport 2H5
Harbor Point Airport US-0132
Hardy Field 3XA1
Harley White Field 5TX1
Harmony Field 6XS9
Harold Freeman Farm Airport 8XS1
Harper Airport 8TX6
Harris County Clay Road Courthouse Heliport TS37
Harris County Courthouse Heliport 0TS6
Harris Hospital Heliport TE30
Harris Methodist Southwest Helistop 51TA
Harris Ranch Airport 2XS1
Harrison County Airport KASL
Harrison Farm Airport TE91
Harrison Field of Knox City Airport KF75
Harrison Piloncillo Ranch Airport TE27
Hart Aerial Airport 1TX8
Hartlee Field 3XS0
Haskell Municipal Airport K15F
Havelka Haven Airport XS57
Haven Field TE72
Hawk Nest Heliport TA48
Hawk Ranch Airport 1TX9
Hawken Air One Airport 62TA
Hawkeye Hunting Club Airport TX45
Hawkins Private Airport TX98
Hawthorne Field K45R
Headwaters Airport 25XA
Headwind Heliport 27TA
Hearne Municipal Airport KLHB
Heart Hospital of Austin Heliport XS41
Heart Hospital of San Antonio Heliport XA29
Hearthstone Heliport 39TS
Heath Canyon Airport 1XS7
Heathrow Airport TE17
Hedley Airport 2TS5
Heli-Dyne Systems Inc Heliport 17TA
Helicopter Express Heliport TA96
Heliport-Facility 5a Heliport 0TX2
Helitrans Heliport TS38
Hemphill County Airport KHHF
Hempstead Gliderport 35TS
Hendrick Medical Center Heliport TA38
Henington Airport 41TX
Henrietta Airport 8TS2
Hensarling Airport 47TS
Hensley Ranch Airport XS17
Herbert Ranch Airport XS03
Hercules Marine Services Corp Heliport 52TX
Herd Ranch Airport XA92
Hereford Municipal Airport KHRX
Heritage Airfield TE86
Heritage Creek Airstrip US-58T
Heritage Ranch Airport 94XS
Herradura Lodge Airport US-0061
Hess Airport 6TX8
Hess Airport US-0024
Hhi Hitchcock Heliport 6TA5
Hhi-Port O'Connor Heliport 91XS
Hhi-Sabine Heliport TA68
Hickory Hollow Heliport 97TA
Hicks Air Field KT67
Hidden Valley Airpark 5TX0
Hig Heliport TE79
Higgins-Lipscomb County Airport K1X1
High Man Tower Airstrip TE62
Hilde-Griff Field 05TE
Hillcrest Airport 7TX4
Hillcrest Baptist Hospital Heliport 1XS6
Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center Heliport TA72
Hilliard Landing Area Airport 5TX6
Hillsboro Municipal Airport KINJ
Hilltop Lakes Airport 0TE4
Hilltop Ranch Airport 9TA1
Hillwood Heliport XS96
Hinson Airport 32TX
Hirok Airport TE50
Hitex Private Airport 9TX7
Hl&P South Houston Helistop 5TX3
Hoffpauir Airport 59TE
Holict "Private" Airport XA15
Holler Heliport TE59
Holly Lake Ranch Airport 16TE
Hondo Municipal Airport KHDO
Hood Army Air Field KHLR
Hoopes Ranch Airport 57XS
Hopkins County Memorial Hospital Helipad 88TX
Horan Airport 9TX3
Horizon Airport 74R
Horizon Airport KT27
Horlock Heliport TS77
Horn Ranch Airport 81TE
Hornady Ranch Airport TX21
Horseshoe Bay Resort Airpark KDZB
Horseshoe Bend Airport F78
Horseshoe Lake Airport TE24
Hot Springs Airport 3TE4
Hound Run Airport XA40
Hound Run Airport 40X
Houston Airpark 21XS
Houston County Airport KDKR
Houston County Hospital/King's Inn Heliport 76XS
Houston Executive Airport KTME
Houston Heliport 0TS3
Houston Northwest Medical Center Heliport TA95
Houston Oil & Minerals Port Bolivar Heliport 90XS
Houston Oil & Minerals Port Bolivar Nr 2 Heliport 0TA9
Houston Oil & Minerals Smith Point Heliport 96XS
Houston Police Command Station Heliport 9TX0
Houston Southwest Airport KAXH
Howard Field TA02
Hpl Heliport TS97
Hub Field 8TX0
Hubbard Airport 25TX
Huber Airpark Civic Club Llc Airport E70
Hughes Ranch Airport 50XS
Hummingbird Heliport 04TS
Hunt Airport 9R5
Huntsville Memorial Hospital Heliport TE03
Huntsville Municipal Airport KUTS
Hurn Airport TA60
Hutchinson County Airport KBGD
Hyco Heliport Nr 3 Heliport 8TA6
Idle Airpark US-0146
Idlewild Airport XS11
Indian Springs Ranch Airport 7XS7
Indio-Faith Airport 2XS2
Industrial Helicopters Inc Heliport TX10
Industrial Helicopters Inc Heliport XS87
Infomart Heliport 9TX8
Intermedics Heliport 3TS4
Iraan Municipal Airport K2F0
Iron Mountain Ranch Airport 5TE5
Ironhead Airport T58
Isbell Ranch Airport 14XS
J Bar Wc Ranch Airport 54TS
J F Ranch Airport 62XS
J R Ranch Airport 15TA
J Y Ranch-R B Masterson Iii Estate Airport 1TX2
J-Bar Ranch Airport 85TA
J-Bar Ranch Airport 8TE2
J-D Ranch Airport 3TS3
Jack Miller STOLport TS70
Jacksboro Municipal Airport K21F
Jackson /Bill/ Airport XS92
Jackson County Airport K26R
Jacksonville / Hunter Field 17XA
Jacobia Field 0TX8
Jamak Fabrication Heliport 2TS7
Jamison Airstrip 4TE6
Jasper County-Bell Field KJAS
Jaxon Landing Heliport 0XA6
Jay Kay Ranch Airport XS40
Jbh Aerospace Heliport 10TX
Jbj Ranch Airport XA98
Jenkins Airport 3XS4
Jennings Ranch Airport US-0156
Jet Ag Inc Airport TA07
Jim Hogg County Airport KHBV
Jim Roach Field 0TS9
Jim Sears Airport 3TA7
Jmk International Inc Heliport TX71
Jo Na Acres Airport TA03
Joe Fleming Field US-0046
Joe Rye Heliport 89XS
Joe Vaughn Spraying Airport 29F
John B Connally Ranch Airport 8TA0
John Fields Ranch Airport 0XS2
John Henry Key Airport 7TA8
John Peter Smith EMS Building Heliport 93TX
John Peter Smith Health Network Heliport 1XS3
John S Dunn Helistop 38TE
Johnnie Volk Field 37TE
Johnny Voudouris Heliport 6TS7
Johnson Space Center Heliport 72TX
Jones Field KF00
Jordan Ranch Airport 90TS
Joseph Ross Scherdin Airport 93XS
Joye Ranch Airport TS22
Jsi Airport 34TA
Jtj Ranch Airport 6TX6
Jw Airport 2TX7
K Bar Ranch Airport 83TE
K Ranch Airport 3TE0
Kahuna Bay Airport 1TE8
Kalt Ranch Airport 9TE5
Kami-Kazi Airport 5TA7
Kaneb Heliport 59TA
Karnes County Airport K2R9
Kay Ranch Airport TA61
Kbmt-Tv Heliport 13TA
Keller Ranch Airport 50TE
Kelley Crop Service Airport 7TE0
Kemah Waterfront Heliport 7TX6
Ken Ada Ranch Airport 3XS8
Kenley's Mustang Prairie Ranch Airport 7XS2
Kennedy Ranch Airport 50TX
Kenneth Copeland Airport K4T2
Keno Field TA49
Kent County Airport K22F
Kerrville Municipal Louis Schreiner Field KERV
Kestrel Airpark K1T7
Key's Ranch Airport TX35
Keyes Ranch Airport 14TX
Keystone Ranch Airport 5TE6
Airport Name Code
Kezer Air Ranch Airport 61TE
Khou-Tv Heliport 66TS
Kickapoo Downtown Airport KCWC
Kidd-Private Airport TX12
Kilgore Airport 4TX6
Killion Ranch Airport 1TX7
Kimball Farm Service Inc Airport 5XS2
Kimble County Airport KJCT
Kimi Heliport TS64
Kimzey Airport 17TX
King's Ranch Airport TE48
Kingsland Estates Airport TS18
Kingsville Naval Air Station KNQI
Kirbyville Airport KT12
Kitching Ranch Heliport XS65
Kitten Farm Private Airport 9XS5
Kittie Hill Airport 77T
Kitty Hawk Flying Field TS67
Kittyhawk Airport 0T7
Kleberg County Airport KIKG
Klutts Field 20XS
Knape Airport 2XA2
Knapp Medical Center Heliport 67XS
Knapp Pecan Orchard Airpark 5TS3
Knot 2 Shabby Airport 5TA6
Kornegay Private Airport 53XS
Kriv Fox 26 Television Heliport XA76
Ktrk Tv Station Heliport 1TA9
Ktvt Channel 11 Heliport TS56
Kubecka Aviation Airport 3XS1
Kubecka Flying Service Inc. Airport 6TE5
Kurio Heliport 38TA
Kvue-Tv Heliport 19TS
L Davis Ranch Airport 5XS8
L P Askew Farms Airport 00XS
La Esperanza Ranch Airport TE29
La Fonda Ranch Airport 2TX3
La Leona Airport 81TX
La Porte Municipal Airport KT41
La Porte Plant Heliport 61TS
Laas Farm Airport 1TS1
Lackey Aviation Airport K94R
Lackland Air Force Base (Kelly Field Annex) Airport KSKF
Lackorn Airport TE51
Ladue Ranch Heliport 9TS4
Lago Vista Tx Rusty Allen Airport KRYW
Lagrone Ranch Airport 19TA
Laguna-Not A-Park Airstrip TX82
Lajitas International Airport 89TE
Lake Bay Gall Airport 0TS5
Lake Bonanza Airport 33TA
Lake Pointe Medical Center Heliport XA11
Lake Water Wheel Airport XS99
Lake Whitney Country Club Airport 37XS
Lake Whitney State Park Airport F50
Lakeside Beach Airport 0XS6
Lakeview Airport 30F
Lakeway Airpark K3R9
Lamesa Municipal Airport K2F5
Lampasas Airport KLZZ
Lancaster Airport KLNC
Landers Ranch Airport 1TS8
Landry STOLport TS01
Landry's Seafood House Heliport XA13
Landry's Warehouse Heliport XA20
Lane Airpark KT54
Lane Field 58F
Laney Farm Airport 1TX5
Lang Ranch Airport 84XS
Laredo International Airport KLRD
Laredo Medical Center Heliport XA22
Las Colinas Medical Center Heliport XA21
Las Culebras Airport XS78
Laseair Airport 8TA4
Last Resort Airport 1TA4
Laughlin Air Force Base KDLF
Laughlin Air Force Base Auxiliary Nr 1 Airport KT70
Lavon North Airport 46TS
Lawrence Administrative Services Inc Heliport 3TS6
Lazy 9 Ranch Airport TX64
Lazy G Bar Ranch Airport 09TA
Lazy K Acres Airport 0TX7
Lbj Ranch Airport 0TE7
Lebegue Lsa Landing 55TE
Lehman Airport 28TX
Lempa Airport TA36
Leona Ranch Airport 75TX
Leroux Airport TX22
Lesikar Ranch Airport 1T9
Levelland Municipal Airport KLLN
Lewis Electric Apparatus Repair Inc Heliport TS16
Lewis Heliport XS52
Lewis Private Airport 4TE2
Lewis Ranch Airport 2TX4
Lewis Ranch Airport XA31
Lexington Airfield TE75
Liberty Hill International Airport TS29
Liberty Municipal Airport KT78
Life Flight North Fuel Heliport 1XA9
Life Flight/Refuel Heliport TE11
Lift Crane Heliport 7XS8
Little 'L' Ranch Airport TS61
Little C Ranch Heliport 4T7
Little Elm Field US-0141
Little Peach Airport TS92
Littlefield Municipal Airport KLIU
Live Oak County Airport K8T6
Live Oak Ranch Airport TA17
Livingston Municipal Airport K00R
Llano Municipal Airport KAQO
Lm Ranch Airport TA93
Lmc Heliport TE66
Lmh Heliport XA14
Lobo Mountain Ranch Airport TE21
Lochridge Ranch Airport TX25
Locker Brothers Airport 1TE0
Lockett Airport 29TX
Lockhart Municipal Airport K50R
Loesch Ranch Airport TS78
Log Cabin Airport TX16
Loghouse /Stol/ STOLport TE38
Loma de Cometa Airport 66TX
Lometa Air Strip 7TE3
Lone Star Executive Airport KCXO
Lone Star Flying Service Airport XA41
Lone Star Steel Company Airport 4TE0
Longbird Airport 93TS
Longhorn Aux Landing Strip 22XS
Lopez Ranch Airport 8TE3
Los Cuernos Ranch Airport XA08
Los Ebanos Ranch Airport 6TA9
Lowell Smith Jr Airport 3TX6
Lowrance Ranch Airport 26TX
Lpc Heliport TA14
Lubbbock Methodist Hospital Heliport TS66
Lubbock Heart Hospital Heliport XA25
Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport KLBB
Lucky G Airport 4TA5
Lupton Farms Heliport TA69
Luscombe Acres Airport 6XS2
Lyndon B Johnson General Hospital Heliport 38TX
Lytle Airpark 1TX0
Lz Phantom Heliport 98XS
M & M Land Company Airport TE15
M D K Field 03TX
M Y Ranch Airport 80TS
M-I Drilling Fluids Company Heliport 9TE1
Mabee Ranch Airport 7TX5
Mabry AHP /NG/ Heliport TX26
Mac Kay Heliport 93TA
Macho Grande Airport 41XS
Macy Ranch Airport 9XS3
Madeira Airpark TX91
Madisonville Municipal Airport K51R
Mag Drop Airport 20TA
Magee Airport 42TX
Magee Airport TE87
Mainland Regional Health Care System Heliport 0TA0
Majors Airport KGVT
Mallick Tower Heliport TX77
Manning Field 6F7
Maples Field 1.00E+09
Maravillas Gap Ranch Airport 48XS
Marfa Municipal Airport KMRF
Margaritaville Airport 68XS
Marian Airpark KF06
Marine Consultants Inc Heliport 85XS
Mario's Flying Pizza Airport 2TA4
Markum Ranch Airport US-0030
Marlin Airport KT15
Marlin'S Meadow Airport XS48
Marmack Airport TE85
Martindale Army Heliport KMDA
Marty Ranch Airport XS95
Mason County Airport KT92
Massimiliano Memorial Field 4TA0
Masterson Heliport 81TA
Matagorda Regional Medical Center Heliport 3XA2
Matagorda Shore Facility Heliport 02TA
Matthews Ranch Airport 86TE
Maurice Dauwe Farm Airport XS47
Maverick County Memorial International Airport K5T9
Maxwell Field TX96
Mayhew Ranch Nr 1 Airport 93TE
Mc Alister Farm Airport TS80
Mc Allen Miller International Airport KMFE
Mc Coy Bldg Sup 16 Heliport TE35
Mc Creless Farm Airport 3TX5
Mc David Honda Heliport 94TS
Mc David Pontiac Company Heliport TE31
Mc David Ranch Airport 44TS
Mc Donald Ranch Airport 5TS5
Mc Entire Airport 5TS4
Mc Entire's Lazy V Ranch Airport 58XS
Mc Gill Ranch Heliport 8TE9
Mc Gregor Executive Airport KPWG
Mc Kenzie Field 6TE9
Mc Keon Aviation Airport 9XS4
Mc Kinley Field KT30
Mc Lean Gray County Airport K2E7
Mc Manus Field 8XS6
Mc Nabb Farm Airport 58TE
Mc Neill Ranch Airport 6TE7
McCasland Ranch Airport 49XS
Mcfarlin Ranch Airport XA12
Mckenna Memorial Hospital Heliport TE60
Mcp Heliport 6TS9
Mdr 1 Heliport XA06
Meadowood Ranch Heliport 01XS
Meadowview Airport US-0053
Medical Center Heliport US-0153
Medical Center Hospital Heliport 4TX9
Medical Center Hospital Heliport 5TX7
Medical Center Hospital Heliport 32XA
Medical Center of Arlington Heliport TE80
Medical Center of Lewisville Heliport XA59
Medical Center Of Southeast Texas Heliport 4XA6
Medical City Dallas Hospital Heliport TS06
Medical Emergency Gbc Heliport 8TX1
Medina River Ranch Airport XS43
Mellon Ranch Airport XS59
Melody Ranch Airport XA78
Memorial City General Hospital Heliport 8TS4
Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital Heliport 70TS
Memorial Hospital Heliport TE46
Memorial Hospital Heliport TS88
Memorial Hospital-The Woodlands Heliport 26TS
Memphis Municipal Airport KF21
Menard Airport XA09
Menard County Airport KT50
Mesa Vista Ranch Airport TX13
Mesquite Metro Airport KHQZ
Methodist Dallas Medical Center Heliport XA62
Methodist Hospital Alkek Heliport TX86
Methodist Hospital Heliport XS83
Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Heliport 0XA9
Metro Heli-Pad Heliport 0TA5
Metroplex Hospital Heliport 92TS
Mexia Limestone County Airport KLXY
Meyer Field TA33
Mfs Sabine Pass Heliport 3XA9
Mgm Heliport TS23
Miami Roberts County Airport K3E0
Mickler Heliport XA38
Mid Valley Airport KT65
Mid Way Regional Airport KJWY
Mid-Valley Dusters Inc Airport 43TX
Midlake Airport 28TE
Midland Airpark KMDD
Midland International Airport KMAF
Midstream Freeport Heliport 0XA3
Midstream Galveston Helipad Area Nr 1 Heliport XA73
Midstream Galveston Helipad Area Nr 2 Heliport XA74
Midstream Harbor Island Heliport XA80
Midstream Port O'Connor Heliport XA81
Mikeska Field 1XA4
Miles Field 40TA
Miller Airfield 25TS
Miller Ranch Airport TA84
Mills Ranch Airport 3TE7
Mims Farm Ultralightport 01TX
Minard Pegasus Airport TE09
Mineola Wisener Field K3F9
Mineral Wells Airport KMWL
Mitchell Nr One Airport TS75
Mockingbird Hill Airport TE84
Moltz Airport 50TA
Montgomery Co Law Enforcement Cntr Heliport TE41
Montgomery County Medical Center Hospital Heliport 55TA
Moore Airpark TX54
Moore Airport 1TE6
Moore Airport 8TS6
Moore County Airport KDUX
Moore Field 7TE7
Moore Hx Ranch Airport 7XS6
Moore Private Airport 73TE
Moore Ranch Airport 24TA
Moore Ranch Airport 83TS
Morningstar Ranch Heliport 1TA6
Morris Lazy K Ranch Airport TA23
Morris Manor Airport TA06
Morris Ranch Airport 79TA
Mother Frances Hospital Heliport 7TA4
Mother Frances Hospital Heliport TE18
Mount Pleasant Regional Airport KOSA
Moursund Ranch Airport 71TE
Mt Vernon Medical Center Heliport 8TE5
Muleshoe Municipal Airport K2T1
Mullins Landing Airport 6XS3
Munday Municipal Airport K37F
Mustang Beach Airport KRAS
Mustang Community Airfield XS60
Mustang Island Heliport XS45
Muxworthy Airport 1TX6
MX Ranch Heliport TE05
My Heliport TE44
Mynatt Field TS25
Myska Field 2TS0
N D Ranch Airport 51TX
Napiers Heliport 04XS
Nash Ranch Airport XA64
Nassau Bay Airport 0TX0
Navasota Municipal Airport K60R
Navasota Regional Hospital Heliport 7TA1
Navsta Ingleside Heliport TA09
Ne Police Station Nr 2 Heliport 35TE
Nebtex Land Co. Airport TA13
New Braunfels Municipal Airport KBAZ
New Gulf Airport KT17
New Home Airport TX01
Newton Municipal Airport K61R
Nix River Ranch Strip TX07
Nocona Airport KF48
Nocona General Hospital Heliport 35XS
Noelke Ranch Airport 6XS4
Norman & White Airport 6TE1
Norris Field TS62
Norris Raun Ranch Airport 68TE
North Cedar Airport XA71
North Central Baptist Hospital Heliport 64TX
North Cypress Medical Center Heliport 2XA3
North Hills Hospital Heliport 24TS
North Texas Medical Center Heliport 8TX9
North Texas Rgnl/Perrin Field KGYI
North Willis Airport XS28
Northeast Community Hospital Heliport TS28
Northeast Medical Center Hospital Heliport 6XS1
Northwest Regional Airport K52F
Nrh Fire Department Heliport TE65
Nucor Ems Heliport XS32
Nueces County Airport KRBO
Nuggs Flying M Airport TE68
Nuttall Airport 96TS
Nw Police Station Nr 5 Heliport 36TE
O S Wyatt Airport 14TS
O'Brien Airpark 25XS
Oak Glen Ranch Airport 3TS9
Oak Ridge Heliport 4TA7
Oaks Airport TX24
Odessa Schlemeyer Field KODO
Ohho Airport 0XA8
Old Forker Ultralightport TA30
Old Hoppe Place Airport 67TX
Old Kingsbury Aerodrome 85TE
Old Reb Airport 5XS6
Oldham County Airport KE52
Oliver Airport 4TX7
Oliver Till Airport US-0016
Olney Municipal Airport KONY
One O'Connor Plaza-Tower Heliport 9TS1
One Sixty Four Place Airport TS02
Opela Heliport 80TE
Orange County Airport KORG
Orange Grove Naval Auxiliary Landing Field KNOG
Oso Canyon Airport XA49
Ossiport Heliport 4TS9
Ott Farms Airport 7TS8
Otto Kaiser Hospital Heliport 62TE
Outback Airport 5XS7
Outlaw Flyers Airport 16XS
Owen Field 4XA3
Owens Country Sausage Heliport 15TS
Ozona Municipal Airport KOZA
P P H Heliport TS46
P-K Ranch Airport 60TX
Paisano Ranch Airport 91TX
Palacios Municipal Airport KPSX
Palestine Municipal Airport KPSN
Palestine Regional Medical Center Heliport 4TS3
Palm Petroleum Corporation Heliport 4TS4
Palmer Field TE70
Palmview Police Department 3XA4
Palo Duro Airport 1.00E+04
Palo Pinto General Hospital Heliport 39XS
Palo Pinto General Hospital Heliport XA26
Panhandle Carson County Airport KT45
Panola County Sharpe Field K4F2
Panola General Hospital Heliport 0TX3
Papa Heliport 42TS
Paradise Point Airport 3TX1
Paris Regional Medical Center Heliport XA60
Parker Airport TS89
Parker County Airport WEA
Parker Place Airport TX68
Parkland Health & Hospital System Heliport TE43
Parkland Hospital Nr 2 Heliport 0XA0
Parkview Center Hospital Heliport 26TE
Parrish Airstrip TX52
Parson Field XS88
Patco Heliport 8XS4
Pavlat Airport 3TS7
Pea Patch Airport 4TA4
Peacock Willow Creek Heliport 99TA
Pearce Industries Heliport 7XS9
Pearland Heliport 29TE
Pearland Regional Airport KLVJ
Pearson Ranch Private Airport 5TA3
Pecan Plantation Airport 0TX1
Pecks Heliport 07TX
Pecos Municipal Airport KPEQ
Pegasus Place Airstrip 8XS3
Perkins Prothro Cimarron Ranch Airport 5TE4
Perry Lefors Field KPPA
Perry Ranch Airport 4TA8
Perryton Ochiltree County Airport KPYX
Persimmon Gap Ranch Airport TA64
Peterson Airport 08XS
Peterson Regional Medical Center Heliport 20TX
Petroleum Helicopters Inc Heliport TA12
Pfeffer & Son Farms Airport 4XS0
Phi Heliport 7TA6
Phillips Corporation Airport 46TX
Phillips Farm Airport TA01
Phillips Flying Ranch Airport T48
Piano Ranch Airport 2TE5
Pickle Plantation Airport XS91
Picosa Ranch Airport 3TA8
Pierce Airport TE10
Pierce Field 72TA
Pin Oak Stables Heliport 4TS1
Pineland Municipal Airport KT24
Pineridge STOLport 16TS
Pinoak Airport 3TE9
Pinon Ranch Airport 1XS8
Pippen-York Ranch Airport TX41
Pitcock Rosillos Mountain Ranch Airport 09TS
Placid Heliport 9TA4
Plaza Medical Center Heliport XA37
Pleasanton Municipal Airport KPEZ
Pleasure Field 47TA
Pocock Airport 04TX
Police H Port-Redbird Heliport TX53
Police Headquarters Heliport 43TE
Police Helicopter Patrol Heliport 24TE
Police Heliport XS37
Polk Ranch Airport XS08
Polly Ranch Airport 7XS0
Polly Ryon Memorial Hospital Heliport TE69
Ponderosa Field XA10
Port Isabel Cameron County Airport KPIL
Port O'Connor Base (Ehi) Heliport 2TA5
Port O'Connor Private Airport XS46
Porta-Kamp 12th Street Heliport 80TA
Porter Ranch Airport 87TX
Portlock Airfield TX02
Possum Kingdom Airport KF35
Post Garza County Municipal Airport K5F1
Post Oak Airfield TA19
Post Oak Central Heliport 81XS
Powderly Airport US-0131
Prade Ranch Airport 57TE
Premier Aviation Inc Heliport TA88
Presbyterian Hospital Of Allen Heliport XA53
Presbyterian Hospital of Commerce Heliport 60TS
Presbyterian Hospital Of Greenville Heliport XA56
Presbyterian Hospital Of Rockwall Heliport 13XS
Presidio Lely International Airport KT77
Price Ranch Airport XS53
Priour Ranch Airport XS23
Prison Canyon Ranch Airport US-0157
Pritchard Airport 99TE
Progreso Airport TS05
Pronger Bros Ranch Airport 3.00E+07
Propwash Airport 16X
Prose Field XA00
Providence Health Center Heliport 7TX1
Prudential Heliport 44XS
Psf Heliport 5TX5
Pt Enterprise D&W Ranch Airport 11TS
Puesta Del Sol Airport 08TS
Puesta del Sol Airport TA44
Purdy-Nielsen Memorial Airpark 3TS5
Putman Heliport TE20
Putty Ranch Airport TA78
Putz Aero Inc Airport US-93TX
Putz Airport US-0136
Pyramid Ranch Airport 2TA6
Quahadi Ranch Airport 17XS
Quanah Municipal Airport KF01
Quarterway Airport 7TA3
R & J Livestock County Airport TA82
R D Williams Airport 5TS7
R V Ranch Airport US-0027
Rab Ranch Airport 1XA0
Rabb And Nobra Airport 6TS8
Rabb Dusting Inc Airport XS66
Rabbit Run Airport 5TA2
Rachal Airport 8XS2
Rafter J Airport 3TX9
Rafter P Airport TA00
Rainbow Field 83TA
Ranch-Aero Airport 78TA
Rancho Blanco Airport TE32
Rancho Buena Vista Airport TS94
Rancho Del Cielo Airport XS44
Rancho Del Lago Heliport 08TA
Rancho Ecantado Airport TA58
Rancho Grande Airport US-0155
Rancho Verde Airport 9XS9
Randolph Air Force Base KRND
Randolph Air Force Base Auxiliary Airport KSEQ
Ranger Municipal Airport F23
Rankin Airport 49F
Ratliff Airport 16TX
Rawls Ranch Airport 5TE1
Ray Farm Airport 1TE7
Ray Smith Farm Airport 2TX2
Reagan County Airport KE41
Real County Airport K49R
Reb Folbre's Place Airport TE34
Rebel Field TX66
Red Ace Ranch Airport TS57
Red Barn Heliport 26TA
Red Berry Heliport 2XA6
Red Wing Airport 52TA
Reddington Building Heliport TA76
Redmond Taylor Army Heliport TX18
Redstone Ranch Airport TS76
Reece Field 94TA
Reece Ranch Airport 20TE
Reed Airport 5TA4
Reeder Airport 9XS7
Reese Airpark 8XS8
Rental Tools Heliport 42TA
Renz Ranch Airport 5TE7
Republic Helicopters Heliport 2TE1
Resaca Airstrip 80TX
Restoration Ranch Airport 70XS
Retta Airport 8TS1
Reward Ranch Airport TA22
Rhines Roost Airport 91TA
Rhodes Ranch Airport TX62
Rhome Meadows Airport T76
Richards Airport TA47
Richardson Field XA23
Richey Airfield 69XA
Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport KAMA
Rick's Hilltop Heliport XA94
Rio Grande City Municipal Airport K67R
Rio Medina Airport US-0152
Rio Vista Ranch Airport TS04
River Bend Ranch Airport 94TX
River Field TS27
Rives Air Park T33
Rmr Ranch Airport 1TE9
Rnk Ranch Airport 8TS8
Rob Airport 95TS
Robert Gray Army Air Field Airport KGRK
Robert Lee Airport K54F
Robert R Wells Jr Airport K66R
Robertson Ranch Airport 0TE0
Robinson Ranch Airport 52TE
Robotek Airport TX81
Rock Creek Ranch Airport TS47
Rocking A Airport 78TE
Rocking R Ranch Airport 6TA0
Rockwall Municipal Airport KF46
Rocky Creek Ranch Airport 9TE6
Rocky Top Ranch Airport TA53
Rockys Place Airport 6TA2
Rodgers Roost Airport 0XS1
Roeder Airport 49TA
Roger M. Dreyer Memorial Airport KT20
Rogers Airport 9TA3
Rolling Plains Hospital Heliport 2XA9
Roma Airport 7TS4
Rooke Field KRFG
Roscoe Mc Connico Airport 06TS
Rose Field Airport 87TE
Ross Planes Airport TX11
Rosser Ranch Airport 10F
Rossler Ranch Airport 59TS
Rowan Heliport TA92
Rowco, Inc Heliport 77TE
Rowland R Airfield 23TA
Roy H Laird Memorial Hospital Heliport 96TA
Roy Hurd Memorial Airport KE01
Roy Ranch Airport TS21
Ruby Field TX39
Running M Ranch Airport 09TE
Rusk County Airport KRFI
Russell Paradise Airport 2TX1
Russells Ranch Airport TX19
Rust Field 8XS9
Rutherford Ranch Airport 85TX
Rwave Heliport 6XS0
RWJ Airpark K54T
Ryan Aerodrome 7TX7
Sack-O-Grande Acroport Airport 9X9
Saint's Strip Ultralightport 10TS
Salado Airport 73TA
Salaika Aviation Airport 07TA
Sam Little International Airport 99XS
San Angelo Regional Mathis Field KSJT
San Antonio International Airport KSAT
San Augustine County Airport K78R
San Christoval Ranch Airport XS71
San Geronimo Airpark K8T8
San Jacinto College Central Campus Heliport XS16
San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Heliport 00TX
San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Heliport TA20
San Jose Island Airport XS67
San Luis Resort Heliport 8XS5
San Marcos Municipal Airport KHYI
San Patricio International Airport 68TX
San Pedro Ranch Airport 97TX
San Rafael Ranch Airport 38XS
San Saba County Municipal Airport K81R
Sandbur Ranches Private Airport TX75
Sandy Creek Ranch Airfield TX47
Santa Maria Ranch Airport 0TE5
Santa Rosa Helistop XS81
Santa Rosa Northwest Hospital Heliport TE23
Santiago Cattle Co. Airport XS80
Sartor Heliport 8TX4
Scholes International At Galveston Airport KGLS
Scott & White Memorial Hospital Heliport 59XS
Scott Airport 31TX
Scrappin Valley Airport 4XS5
Seaberg Ranch Airport 21TE
Seafood Warehouse Park Airport XS77
Seagoville Airport 5TA9
Seagraves Airport KF97
Sears Airport US-0043
Seeligson Ranch Airport XS51
Seidel Ranch Airport 02XS
Seminole Spraying Service Airport 39TE
Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital Heliport 29XA
Seton Medical Center H-4 Heliport 32TS
Seton Medical Center Hays Heliport 01XA
Seven C's Ranch Airport 0XA4
Seven Springs Airport 16TA
Seymour Municipal Airport K60F
Shamrock Municipal Airport K2F1
Shanks Agricultural Strip 61XS
Shannon Medical Center Heliport 03TS
Shell Deer Park Refinery Heliport TE28
Shell I C Heliport TS83
Shell Pelican Island Heliport 9TE8
Shelton Private Heliport XA69
Sheppard Air Force Base-Wichita Falls Municipal Airport KSPS
Sheraton Spindletop Hotel Heliport TS10
Sheriff Department Heliport TA04
Sherman (Frog Pond) Airport 14XA
Sherman Airport TS39
Sherman Municipal Airport KSWI
Shilling's Airport 21TX
Shiloh Airport 0TX5
Shirley Williams Airport 44TE
Shivers Private Airport 53TA
Shofner Farms Airport 2TS2
Shoreline Ranch Airport 1TX4
Short Field TA83
Short Stop Airport 8TA5
Shorthorn Aux Landing Strip 23XS
Sierra Blanca Airport RBLA
Sierra Blanca Heliport 5TE9
Sierra Medical Center Heliport TX44
Sierra Providence Hospital Heliport 27TE
Silver Wings Airport TS36
Silverton Municipal Airport 79XS
Simaron Ranch Airport 9TS3
Sitton Field 3TX3
Six Mile Volunteer Fire Department Heliport 33XS
Skalitsky Airport 6TE0
Skellytown Airport 3TE6
Skida Patch Airport 2XS4
Skinner Airport 37TS
Sky Acres Airport 1XA1
Sky Lane Ranch Airport XS68
Sky Ranch Heliport 6TA1
Skydive Houston Airport 37X
Skye Dance Airport 1XS2
Skyhaven Airport 8TX7
Skylark Airport XS34
Skylark Field KILE
Skyway Manor Airport T79
Skywest Inc Airport K7T7
Slack Airport 4TX0
Slaton Municipal Airport KF49
Slaughter Ranch Airport 86TA
Smiley Johnson Municipal-Bass Field KE34
Smith Airport TX51
Smith Airport XA51
Smith Aviation Inc Airport 78XS
Smith Farms Airport 0TA2
Smith Field 01TE
Smith Flying Service Airport TS14
Smith I-Ranch Airport 14TE
Smither Field TE81
Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport K84R
Smokey Mtn Ranch Airport 09TX
Smoky Bend Airport TA24
Soaring Club of Houston Gliderport 89TA
Solana North Heliport 26XA
Someday Ranch Airport 2XA5
Songbird Ranch Airport 91TS
Sonny Broussard Landing Strip XS29
Sonora Municipal Airport KSOA
Sony Microelectronics Helistop 39TX
South Austin Medical Center Heliport 22TX
South Padre Island Heliport XA83
South Texas International At Edinburg Airport KEBG
South Texas Project Heliport 0XS3
South Texas Regional Hospital Heliport TX87
Southeast Texas Regional Airport KBPT
Southeastern Helicopters Heliport 0XS5
Southland Center Heliport TX55
Southwest Custom Aircraft Heliport TX58
Southwest General Hospital Heliport TX69
Southwest Rains Vol Fire Department Heliport XA35
Spanish Oaks Airport 76TX
Spearman Municipal Airport KE42
Spectre Airport XA07
Spicewood Airport K88R
Spl Heliport 45TA
Split B Ranch Airport TE04
Spohn-Alice Heliport TX04
Sport Flyers Airport 27XS
Sportsman's World Airport TA65
Spring Branch Memorial Hospital Heliport TE53
Spring Ranch Airport 3TA6
Square Air Airport TS63
Square K Airport 40TS
Squirrel Creek Ranch Airport 4TE9
St Joseph Hospital Heliport 01TS
St Joseph Hospital Heliport 82TX
St Luke's Episcopal Hospital Heliport 64TS
St Mary Hospital of Port Arthur Heliport 5XS1
St Mary of the Plains Hospital Heliport 74TS
Stage Coach Hills Airport 4TX2
Staggs Heliport TE93
Stampede Valley Airport 6TS4
Stamps Field 3TE5
Standard Industries Airport 22TA
Stanton Municipal Airport K63F
Stapleton Field TX03
Star Heliport 95TE
Star Houston Heliport 87TS
Star Smith Field 3XS5
Starflight Facility Heliport TE94
Stark Field 8TA7
State Police Heliport 4TS6
Station 24 Heliport TS41
Station 30 Heliport TS13
Station 40 Heliport TS49
Steen Airport TX20
Steeplechase Heliport 38TS
Stemmons Place Heliport TX88
Stephens County Airport KBKD
Stinson Municipal Airport KSSF
Stocker Airport XA72
Stol Field 8TS5
Stonecipher Airport 55TX
Stonewall County Airport KT60
Stoney Fork Landing Airport XA84
Stovall Ranch Nr 1 Airport 7TE6
Stovall Ranch Nr 4 Airport 6TX9
Stowers Ranch Airport 49TE
Strack Farms Heliport 7TS6
Strait Ranch Airport 8TS9
Stratford Field KH70
Stubbs Strip TS73
Sudan Airport 9XS6
Sudden Stop Airport T32
Sugar Grove Heliport 1TS5
Sugar Land Regional Airport KSGR
Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport KSLR
Sunray Airport KX43
Sunrise Beach Airport 2KL
Sunset Airport TA18
Superturf Heliport TS60
Sw Police Station Nr 4 Heliport 33TE
Sw Region Faa Heliport 00TA
Swinging Door Heliport 4TA9
Sybert Farm Airport 40TE
Sycamore Strip K9F9
T Bar Airport K2F4
T I Company Heliport TX60
T P Mc Campbell Airport KTFP
T-4 Ranch Airport XS13
T-Ranch Airport XS86
T.R. Funk Inc Airport 92XS
Tailspin Estates Airport 58TX
Tailwheel Acres Airport 1XA6
Tailwheel Airport 2XA7
Talley Airport TX48
Tallows Field 79TS
Tanner's Airport 9TE4
Tarrant County Water Control Heliport XS02
Tarrant Field 6X0
Tarry Bank Airport 82TE
Tate Ranch Airport 0TA3
Tatum Ranch Airport 26XS
Taurus Mesa Airport 4TE4
Taylor Airport T14
Taylor Municipal Airport KT74
Taylor Ranch Airport 9TA8
Taylor's Air Park 25TE
Tcjc-Northeast Campus Heliport 00TE
Tcjc-South Campus Heliport 9F5
Tdcj/Southern Regional Medical Facility Heliport 43XS
Teague Municipal Airport K68F
Teate Field 4XS2
Temple Eastex Heliport 29XS
Temple Ranch Airport 42XS
Ten Oaks Airport US-0051
Tenneco Lab Helistop 31TE
Tenneco Shorebase Heliport TS91
Terlingua Airport 3TE8
Terlingua Ranch Airport 1.00E+02
Terrell Community Hospital Heliport TA71
Terrell County Airport K6R6
Terrell Municipal Airport KTRL
Terry County Airport KBFE
Tex-Star Heliport TS33
Texaco Chemical Company-East Heliport 8TX5
Texas A And M Flight Test Station Airport 83TX
Texas Air Museum Airport XS63
Texas Commerce Bank Building Heliport 3TE2
Texas Department of Public Safety Heliport 3TX0
Texas Dept of Public Safety Heliport TE25
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Heliport 37TA
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano Heliport 35TA
Texas Menhaden Strip XS76
Texas Regional Medical Center Heliport 23TE
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Heliport TE22
Texas Valley Air Field TA57
Texas World Speedway Helistop Nr 1 Heliport 0TE8
Texas World Speedway Helistop Nr 2 Heliport 0TE9
Texoma Medical Center Heliport TS84
Tgp 1 Heliport 33TX
Tgp 17 Heliport 70TX
Tgp 25 Heliport 40TX
Tgp 32 Heliport 1TA1
Tgp 409 Heliport 92TX
The 88 Airport US-0168
The America Tower Heliport 63TS
The Ballpark in Arlington Heliport TX08
The Carter Memorial Airport T91
The Grove/Ranch Airport 23TX
The Homestead Airport 90TE
The Huntingdon Heliport TS26
The Landing Airport 9XS1
The Landings Airport 66TE
The Medical Center of Mesquite Heliport 2TA2
The Palms At Kitty Hawk Airport 02TX
Thirty Thirty Matlock Office Center Heliport 01TA
Thomas Flying Field TX74
Thomason General Hospital Heliport TA41
Thompson Field 1TA7
Thorny Woods Airport XA33
Thorp Airport 9TE3
Three Acres Airport 80XS
Throckmorton Municipal Airport K72F
Thunder Creek Airport 95TA
Thunderbird Southwest Airport 88TE
Thurber Lake Airport 24TX
Tick Hill Airfield XA47
Tierra Linda Ranch Airport 60TE
Tigerbird Field 2TS3
Tightwaad Air Ranch Airport XA16
Tilghman Airport 97XS
Tin Top Ranch Airport 3TA4
Tips Jewels Heliport 67TA
Titus Regional Medical Center Heliport 2TS1
Tivydale Ranch Airport 8XS0
Tj-Cj Private Heliport 50TS
Tnt Ultralightport 5XS0
Tom Danaher Airport 7TX0
Tom Dye Heliport XA24
Tom J Moore Farm Airport XS18
Tomball Regional Hospital Heliport TS52
Tortuga Ranch Airport XA93
Tourist Ride Services Heliport 84TS
Town & Country Airpark KF82
Town & Country Heliport TS81
Toy Airpark 15XS
Toyota of Dallas Inc Heliport 9TS9
Tradewind Agricultural Airport 8TE8
Tradewind Airport KTDW
Transco Tower Garage Heliport TS31
Trap Travelstead Field 98TS
Travis Field Airport TA16
Traylor Tick Farm Airport 61TX
Tres Ninos Ranch Airport XS36
Tri-County Aerodrome 48TX
Tri-County Air Service Airport XS58
Tri-Modal Air Park 30TA
Triangle Ranch Private Airport 2TA3
Trinity Meadows Race Track Heliport 57TA
Triple R Airport 75XS
True Airport 6TS0
Trull Airport XS35
Trulock Ranch Field 7TE8
Tsa Gliderport TA11
Tschirhart Ranch Airport XS01
TSTC Waco Airport KCNW
Tularosa Airport TA31
Twin Acres Airport 9TE0
Twin Falls Ranch Airport US-0144
Twin-Oaks Airport T94
Two Leggs Airport 1TA5
Txaerosport Aerodrome XA65
Tyler County Airport K09R
Tyler County Hospital Heliport TE19
Tyler Pounds Regional Airport KTYR
Tyra Ranch Airport TA81
U of Texas Medical Branch Emergency Room Heliport 9TA7
U of Texas Medical Branch Ewing Hall Heliport 9TS7
U S Coast Guard Station Heliport TX57
U U Ranch Airport TA80
Ullrich Airport 0TS4
Ultralight International Ultralightport 0TS2
University Health System Heliport XS85
University Medical Center Heliport TA79
Uno Mas Ranch Airport 5TS1
Upham Heliport TA32
Upton County Airport KE48
Urschel Ranch Airport 9TA2
Uscg Port Safety Station Heliport 6XS6
Utley Field US-0177
Utopia on the River Airport 5TX9
Uvalde County Hospital Authority Heliport 2XS9
Vac Heliport 92R
Valley Baptist Medical Center (Vbmc) Heliport TS68
Valley Baptist Medical Center Heliport 49TX
Valley International Airport KHRL
Valley International Heliport 78TS
Valley Mills Municipal Airport 9F1
Vamc Heliport 41TE
Van Es Ranch Airport 13TS
Van Zandt County Regional Airport K76F
Vance Field TE76
Varisco Airport 13TE
Vaughan Ranch Airport TA89
Venus Airport 75TS
Verhalen Airport TE89
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Heliport 04TE
Victoria Bank & Trust Motor Garage Heliport 3XS3
Victoria Regional Airport KVCT
Viejo Ranch Ultralightport US-0145
Vigo Park Airport 1TA2
Vitek Field 31TA
Vultures Row Airport 6XS8
W C Ranch Airport 7XS3
W D Cornilius Ranch Airport XS07
W J E Airport TA70
W4 Ranch Airport 84TE
Waco Regional Airport KACT
Wadley Regional Medical Center Heliport 64XS
Wagner Heliport TS43
Wagner-Braxdale Airport 2TE8
Walden Ranch Heliport 27TS
Waldron Field Nolf Airport KNWL
Wales Air Field TE92
Wall Flying Service Airport 8TE1
Wallace Ranch Airport 9TE2
Ward Airpark 5T0
Warschun Ranch Airport 4TA1
Waskom Heliport TS32
Water Department Heliport TX83
Weatherford Regional Medical Center Heliport 98TA
Weber Ranch Airport 7TA5
Weedfalls Airport XA45
Weeks Airport 8TX8
Weems Farm Airport 2TE3
Weese International Airport XS14
Weiblen Airport TE13
Weiser Air Park KEYQ
West Airpark 45TX
West Hospital Authority Heliport 3TS2
West Houston Airport KIWS
West Houston Medical Center Heliport 29TS
West Kerr Ranch Airport 18TA
West Liberty Airport TS35
West Ranch Airport XS75
Westchase Heliport TS24
Westheimer Air Park O07
Westwind Ranch Airport TE83
Wharton Regional Airport KARM
Whatley Flying Service Airport 8TA1
Wheeler Municipal Airport KT59
White Airport 69TS
White Oak Airport 44TX
White Wing Ranch Airport TA97
White Wings Airport 3TS1
Whites Airport 47TE
Whitfield Airport 6TX4
Wichita Valley Airport KF14
Wilbarger County Airport KF05
Wilbarger General Hospital Heliport TS30
Wilber Farms Airport 5XS3
Wilbourn Ranch Airport 32TA
Wildcat Canyon Airport 3T8
Wildwood Airport XA91
Wilford Hall Medical Center Heliport 9TS5
William P Hobby Airport KHOU
Williams Airport K9X1
Williams Field TX99
Willis N Clark Airport 5TE8
Willow Run Airport 3TX4
Wilshire Place Heliport 4TS2
Wilson Airport US-0147
Wilson N Jones Memorial Hospital Heliport 51TS
Windmill Hill Airport TA21
Windwood Farm Airport 65TE
Windy Hill Airport 46XS
Windy Tales Airport TX34
Wings For Christ International Flight Academy Airport 73F
Wings Over Texas Airport TS98
Winkler County Airport KINK
Winkler County Memorial Hospital Heliport 4XA8
Winn Exploration Co. Inc Airport 6TA4
Winn Ranch Airport 4XS8
Winns Heliport TE14
Winnsboro Municipal Airport KF51
Winston Field KSNK
Winters Municipal Airport K77F
Wise Regional Health System Heliport XA57
Wits End Ranch Airport 5XS5
Wolf Point Heliport TE61
Wolfe Air Park 3T2
Wolfe Field XA32
Womack Farm Airport 75TE
Womack Plantation Airport 0TA8
Womack Ranch Airport XS15
Wood County Airport KJDD
Wood Crest Ranch Airport 6TS6
Wood Triple D Airport TX72
Woodcreek-Shell Heliport TS34
Woods Airport 77TX
Woods Nr 2 Airport TA28
Woodstone Corporation Heliport XA82
Woody Mc Clellan Ranch Airport 19TX
Worrell Airport 6TS1
Wright Ranch Airport TX93
Wyatt 3-Rivers Airport 8TS7
Wyatt Airport 7TS3
Y O Ranch Airport XS22
Yates Airport XS89
Yates Field 37TX
Yoakum Airport 1TX1
Yoakum Community Hospital Heliport TE64
Yoakum County Airport KF98
Yoakum Municipal Airport KT85
Yorktown Airport 96TE
Young Brothers Heliport 60XS
Zachry Ranch Airport 7TE1
Zadow Airstrip 6XA4
Zapata County Airport KAPY
Zimmerle Airport 6TE2
Zuehl Airport 1TE4