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Airport Name Code
Accurate Airport 67WI
Adams County Legion Field K63C
Aero Estates Airport 1WI6
Air Troy Estates - Restricted Airport WI69
Airwolfe Airport 6WN5
Al's Airway Airport WS74
Albany Airport WI50
Alexander Field South Wood County Airport KISW
All-State Equipment Co. Heliport 9WI0
Alpha Hotel Airport WS81
Amery Municipal Airport KAHH
Ames Private Airport 05WI
Antique Aerodrome 9WS2
Archie's Seaplane Base WS01
Army Guard Heliport WI94
Arrowhead Springs Airport 93WI
Ashenfelter Aerodrome WI61
Atkins Ridge Airport WI43
Aurora Lakeland Medical Center Heliport 0WI3
Aurora Medical Center Heliport WI06
Aurora Medical Center Kenosha Heliport WI01
Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington Heliport WN68
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center Heliport WS18
Aurora St Luke's Medical Center Heliport 0WI0
Aurora Valley View Medical Center Heliport 57WI
Austin Straubel International Airport KGRB
Bakers Field 86WI
Baldwin Airport WI14
Bancroft East Airport 4WI1
Baraboo Wisconsin Dells Airport KDLL
Bark River Airport 3WI7
Barker Strip 35WI
Barron Hospital Heliport WI34
Barron Municipal Airport 9Y7
Bartell Strip 07WI
Barten Airport WS55
Battle Creek Airport WN46
Bay Area Medical Center Heliport 4WN6
Bayfield County Airport Y77
Beaver Dam Community Hospital Heliport WS70
Beaver Dam Lake Seaplane Base 1WI5
Bed-Ah-Wick Field 1WI3
Beer Airport 02WI
Beloit Airport K44C
Beloit Memorial Hospital Heliport WI38
Ben Sutherland Airport WI33
Bender's Airport 2WI0
Bennet Field WI67
Berlin Field 31WN
Big Foot Airfield K7V3
Big Foot Farms Heliport WS73
Birch Creek Airport WS43
Black Dog Farm Airport WS76
Black Otter Airport 9WI1
Black River Falls Area Airport KBCK
Black River Memorial Hospital Heliport 23WI
Blackburn Airport WI98
Blackhawk Airfield K87Y
Blackhawk Island Airport 1WI9
Blair Airport WI49
Blair Lake Airport 2WI5
Bloomer Memorial Medical Center Heliport WI15
Bloyer Field KY72
Blunt Field 3WN8
Bogus Creek Airport WI75
Boscobel Airport KOVS
Boulder Junction Airport KBDJ
Bowman Airstrip 32WN
Boyceville Municipal Airport K3T3
Brennand Airport 79C
Brinsmere Heliport WI68
Brion Memorial Airport 3WN9
Bristol Airport WN63
Brodhead Airport C37
Broken Prop Airport WI55
Buchholz Farm Airport 9WI3
Bucky's Airpark WN09
Buds Landing Airport 10WI
Bulldog Ranch Airport 2WI9
Burlington Municipal Airport KBUU
Burnett County Airport KRZN
Burnett General Hospital Heliport WI59
Buzzards Roost Airport 1WI7
C Jeidy Farms Airport WI56
C. R. Acres Airport 2WS3
Cable Union Airport K3CU
Cacic Airport WI19
Cain's Field WS72
Camp Lake Airport 49C
Capitol Airport K02C
Cardinal Ridge Airport WI24
Carhart Farms Airport 4WI8
Carlson Airport 4WI5
Carlson Airport 9WI9
Carnot Field 3WI0
Carter Airport 92C
Casey Lake Airport WS10
Cassville Municipal Airport KC74
Cedar Island Airport WI10
Ceder Lake Seaplane Base WI35
Central County Airport 68C
Central Wisconsin Airport KCWA
Chambers Island Airport 30WI
Charlies Airport 7WI7
Chetek Municipal Southworth Airport KY23
Chilcott Farms Airport WI95
Chippewa Valley Hospital Heliport WI57
Chippewa Valley Regional Airport KEAU
Christie Aerodrome WS49
Cindy Guntly Memorial Airport 62C
Circle A Ranch Airport 48WI
Circle K Airport WS45
Circle T Airport WS77
Clearwater Aero Estates Airport JB01
Clintonville Community Hospital Heliport WI39
Clintonville Municipal Airport KCLI
Cloud Dancer Private Airport WS13
Clover Valley Airport 3WI5
Coleman Airport WS28
Coloma Municipal Airport 9WN9
Columbus Community Hospital Heliport WI41
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport 22WI
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport WS21
Connor'S Lake Landing 2WS2
Corinth Airport WI54
Cornell Municipal Airport 2H3
Cornucopia Field WI23
County Rescue Services Heliport 4WN7
Courtney Plummer Airport 9WN1
Covered Bridge Fields Airport 1WN2
Cranberry International Seaplane Base WN66
Crandon Municipal Airport KY55
Crane Field WI21
Cranmoor Airstrip 55WI
Crash In International Airport 0WI5
Crispy Cedars Airport 7WI8
Crivitz Municipal Airport 3D1
Cub Acres Airport 6WI0
Cub Bear Airport 85WI
Cumberland Municipal Airport KUBE
Cunningham Airport 2WN6
Curns Airport 2WN3
Cylon Heliport 14WI
Dalonia Airport 32WI
Dane Airport WI65
Dane County Regional Truax Field KMSN
Danielson Field Airport 1WN3
Davies Airport 2WI8
Deer Haven Ranch Airport WI60
Del Monte Airport WI51
Der Schwarzwald Airport 5WI3
Desmet Airport WI53
Diderrich Ranch Airport WS44
Diedrich Seaplane Base 11WN
Digger Dougs Airport 4WN9
Dillenburg's Airport 8WI1
Dinnerbell Airport 61WI
Docken Field 37WI
Dodge County Airport KUNU
Doering Farms Airfield 0WI2
Dolata Airport 6WI5
Dolhun Field WI36
Door County Cherryland Airport KSUE
Door County Memorial Hospital Heliport WS59
Dulmes Field 65WI
Dunbar Airport 8WI7
Durand Municipal Airport WI25
Dutch Gap Airstrip 04WI
Eagle Ridge Ultralightport 43WI
Eagle River Union Airport KEGV
Earl's Air Park 50WI
East Troy Municipal Airport K57C
Eau Claire Lakes Airport 5G4
Eberle Ranch Airport 5WN2
Edinger Field WI48
Elert Airport WS12
Elroy Municipal Airport K60C
Ephraim-Fish Creek Airport 3D2
Erickson Field 19WI
Erin Aero Airport WN75
Ermis-Ridgeview Airport 5WI8
Faken Airport 9WI4
Feldmann Field 4WI6
Five Corners Airways Airport WS08
Flaglor Airport WI86
Fletcher Airport 9WI8
Florida North Airport WN98
Flying 'O' Airport 3WI4
Flying Dollar Ranch Airport 9WI2
Flying Feathers Airport 11Y
Flying H Airport 63WI
Flying J Airport WS71
Flying O Airport US-0128
Flying S Ranch Airport 1WI2
Flyplassen Airport 54WI
Fond du Lac County Airport KFLD
Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital Heliport WS34
Fort Atkinson Municipal Airport K61C
Foscoro Airport 99WI
Fountain Prairie Airport 6WN6
Fox River Airport 96C
Foxair Seaplane Base W26
Foxewood Airport 77WI
Franks Seaplane Base 4P5
Frievalt Airport WS11
Fun-Air Airport WI46
Funk Aerodrome 8WI6
Gaffney Airport 2WN2
Gallinger Airport 51WI
Gateway Airport WI18
General Mitchell International Airport KMKE
Geo Jensen Airport 58WI
Gilbert Field 94C
Gopher Stol Airport US-4WI7
Gottschalk Field 91WI
Grand Geneva Resort Airport KC02
Grandpa's Farm Airport 5WI0
Grantsburg Municipal Airport KGTG
Gunner Field 81WI
Gutzmer's Twin Oaks Airport 5Y3
Ha-Rail Airport 17WI
Hahn Sky Ranch Airport 2T5
Happy Jacks Air Strip WI73
Harju Airport 20WI
Hartford Municipal Airport KHXF
Hayes Road Airport WN99
Haymeadow Airport 5WI5
Hecklers' Strip 2WI7
Heitman Field Airport WI09
Heritage Acres Airport 90WI
Hexum Flight Park Ultralightport WS30
Higgins Airport 7WI2
Hoffman Prop Inc Heliport 71WI
Holland Air Park 36WI
Holy Family Hospital Heliport 46WI
Holy Family Memorial Medical Center Heliport WI96
Horner Farms Airport WI03
Howard Young Medical Center Heliport 60WI
Hudson Hospital Heliport 21WI
Hughes Airport WS96
Independence Airport 5WI6
Indianhead Medical Center Heliport WS79
Iola Emergency Heliport WI64
Iowa County Airport KMRJ
Irlbeck Airport 24WI
Island View Airport 4WI2
J & L Aviation Airport WS46
J Rock Airport WI76
J-3 Cub Field 66WI
J. Douglas Bake Memorial Airport KOCQ
J.B. Heliport WS07
Jaks Field 56WI
Jana Airport 58C
Jennie'S Field WI13
Jim Benson Field WI16
John F Kennedy Memorial Airport KASX
John H Batten Airport KRAC
John'S Field 52WI
Johnson Island Seaplane Base WS82
Johnson Wax Heliport 1WI4
Johnstown Center Airport WI84
Jones Airport 83WI
Jorgensen - Stoller Airport 1WI8
Joshua Sanford Field KHBW
Kanten Field 70WI
Kaukauna Community Hospital Heliport WI80
Kelly Airport 53WI
Kenosha County Heliport 3WN3
Kenosha Hospital and Medical Center Heliport WI82
Kenosha Regional Airport KENW
Kettle Moraine Airport 1WN1
Kings Land O' Lakes Airport KLNL
Kitty Hawk Estates Airport 9WI6
Kitty-Wompus Airport 26WI
Knight Aire Airport 92WI
Knight Sky Airport 5WN8
Knutson Farms Airport 3WN6
Knutson Field WN39
Koller Heliport 94WI
Krist Island Airport WS68
Kroy-Osceola Heliport 69WI
L O Simenstad Municipal Airport KOEO
La Crosse Municipal Airport KLSE
Lac Vieux Desert Seaplane Base 16WI
Lake Ell Field WS14
Lake Geneva Aire Estates Airport WI89
Lake Lawn Airport C59
Lake Menomin Seaplane Base WI04
Lakeland-Noble F. Lee Memorial field KARV
Lakeview Medical Center Heliport 62WI
Lakewood Airpark 4WN3
Lakewood Lodge Airport 14WS
Lancaster Municipal Airport K73C
Langlade County Airport KAIG
Langlade Memorial Hospital Heliport WI45
Larson Airport 5WI4
Larson Airport WI91
Larson Studio Airport WI20
Airport Name Code
Lawrence J Timmerman Airport KMWC
Leach Farms Heliport 18WI
Leach Farms Heliport WN69
Leeward Farm Airport WS51
Lewis Airport 7WI4
Lilac Time Airport WI12
Little Clam Lake Seaplane Base 7WI1
Little Plum Creek Airport 25WN
Little Wheel Field 59WI
Lodi Lakeland Airport 9WN5
Log Cabin Airport WS69
Lonely Pines Airport WS05
Luther Hospital Heliport WS38
Lutheran Hospital - La Crosse Heliport 84WI
Lynn Louise Heliport 4WN8
Madeline Island Airport K4R5
Manitowish Waters Airport KD25
Manitowoc County Airport KMTW
Mar-O-Dae Farm Airport 4WI9
Mark's Park & Airfield 3WN4
Marshfield Municipal Airport KMFI
Martin Fierro Airport WI72
Martins Aerodrome WI78
Mathaire Field WI97
Matson Airport 2WI6
Mauston New Lisbon Union Airport K82C
Mave's Lakeview Road Airport 8WN8
Mc Manus Hoonch-Na-Shee-Kaw Airport 0WI9
Mcdermott Air Park 31WI
Mcfaul Airport 2WN4
Medos Lake Delton Seaplane Base 9WN6
Meier Airport WI99
Melin Farms Airport 3WI6
Memorial Community Hospital Heliport WS37
Memorial Hospital Heliport WI44
Memorial Hospital Heliport WS48
Memorial Hospital of Taylor County Heliport 12WI
Memorial Medical Center Heliport WS63
Menomonie Municipal Score Field KLUM
Mercy Hospital Heliport WS40
Mercy Medical Center Heliport WS50
Meriter/Park Heliport WI93
Merrill Municipal Airport KRRL
Mertinkes Airport WI26
Mick Shier Field 6WI6
Middleton Municipal Morey Field KC29
Mile Bluff Medical Center Heliport WN02
Mill House Field WS15
Milwaukee County Medical Complex Heliport 2WI3
Minnesuing Airport WI31
Monroe Municipal Airport KEFT
Morrisonville International Airport WN85
Mort's Landing Airport 0WI1
Mount Fuji Airport WI88
Mumm Field WI11
Murmuring Springs Airport 2WN5
Myrtle Werth Medical Center Heliport WN25
Necedah Airport KDAF
Neillsville Municipal Airport KVIQ
Nest of Eagles Airport 1H9
Nett Construction Airport 7WI9
Neveln Field 4WI3
New Holstein Municipal Airport K8D1
New Richmond Regional Airport KRNH
Nicolet Airport 88WI
Norrie Brook Airport WI00
North Country Seaplane Base SS1
North Fork Airport 97WI
Northern Lite Airport 00WI
Northport Airport 38WI
Nowatzski Field 13WI
Oakbrook Airport 47WI
Oconomowoc Airport 0WI8
Old Dairy Airport 3WN2
Olson's Airport 3WI1
Omniflight Helicopters Heliport WI85
Oshkosh Sky Ranch Airport 2WN8
Osseo Medical Center Heliport 78WI
Ottman Landing Airport 5WN9
Otto-Gibbons Airport WS31
Outagamie County Regional Airport KATW
Owen-Withee Airport WS42
Ozaukee Airport 9WN3
Paddock Field 41WI
Palmyra Municipal Airport 88C
Park Falls Municipal Airport KPKF
Parkway Farm Strip 09WI
Patz Airport 5WI9
Peterson Field 15WI
Petit Cache Airport WS19
Pfaffenroth Private Airport WI74
Pine Grove Airport WI42
Pine River Airport WI87
Pinewood Air Park WS39
Pioneer Airport WS17
Piso Airport 7P5
Plainfield International Airport 5WI2
Planeacres Airport 2WN7
Plantation Pine Airport 3WI8
Platteville Municipal Airport KPVB
Plover River Airfield 3WI3
Plows & Props Airport 2WI4
Podeweltz Airport WN44
Polish Paradise Airport WS02
Portage Municipal Airport KC47
Potts Field 0WN5
Prairie Du Chien Municipal Airport KPDC
Prairie View Farm Airport 24WN
Prehn Cranberry Company Airport 01WI
Prentice Airport K5N2
Prescott Field WS32
Price County Airport KPBH
Quale Airport 87WI
Quams Marina Seaplane Base 99C
R & S Landing Strip WS23
Rag Wing Airport 9WN4
Rainbow Airport WI37
Ranch Side Airport WS26
Red Roof Airport WN11
Redoft Airport WN27
Reedsburg Memorial Hospital Heliport WS54
Reedsburg Municipal Airport KC35
Rex Ranch Airport 6WI9
Rhinelander Oneida County Airport KRHI
Rice Lake Airport KRIE
Rice Lake Regional Carl's Field KRPD
Richard I Bong Airport KSUW
Richland Airport K93C
Rigdon Private Airport WI81
River Falls Area Hospital Heliport 8WI9
River Ridge Aero Estates Airport 4WN4
River Valley Airport WS78
Riverside Hospital Heliport 5WI7
Rocket City Airport WI22
Rohde's Airport US-0129
Romeo Airstrip 4WN5
Rosenbaum Field 3WI9
Round Lake Seaplane Base WS24
Rox Airport WS09
Runway Leasing Inc Nr 1 Airport 8WI2
Rush River Airport WI29
Rusk County Airport KRCX
Rusk County Memorial Heliport 42WI
Rusmar Farms Airport WS41
Rutherford Airport 28WI
Rwnway Leasing Inc Nr 2 Airport 8WI3
S & S Ranch Airport 39WI
Sacred Heart Hospital Heliport 25WI
Sauk-Prairie Airport 91C
Sawyer County Airport KHYR
Saxon Airport 6WI4
Scherrico Meadows Airport WS16
Schewe Airport WI52
Schiffmann Seaplane Base WS64
Schubert Airstrip 40WI
Shangrila Airport WS25
Shawano Medical Center Heliport 98WI
Shawano Municipal Airport KEZS
Sheboygan County Memorial Airport KSBM
Shell Lake Municipal Airport KSSQ
Shiocton Airport W34
Shullsburg Airport 2WI2
Silver Lake Seaplane Base WN2
Simandl Field/Private Airport 0WI6
Simons Airfield 1WN5
Sky Diving Airport 64WI
Sky Hollow Airport WS91
Skyport Airport WI27
Smies Airport 75WI
Smilin' Sam's Airport WI66
Snow Crest Ranch Airport 0WI4
Solon Springs Municipal Airport KOLG
Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport KJVL
Southwind Airport 22WN
Sparta Fort Mc Coy Airport KCMY
Speedwing Field WI90
Spiegel Field WI40
Spooner Hospital Heliport WS58
Spring Creek Airport 80WI
Spring Valley Farm Airport 1WI0
Springbrook Airport 5WI1
Springstead Airport WS06
Sss Aerodrome WI62
St Catherine's Hospital Heliport WN97
St Clare Hospital Heliport WI30
St Croix Riviera Airport 6WI2
St Croix Valley Airport WN86
St Francis Medical Center Heliport 68WI
St Joseph's Community Hospital Heliport WS66
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport WS47
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport WS98
St Joseph's Memorial Hospital Heliport WI63
St Mary's Hospital Heliport 33WI
St Mary's Hospital of Milwaukee Heliport WS03
St Mary's Hospital Ozaukee Heliport 8WI4
St Mary's Kewaunee Area Memorial Hospital Heliport WI83
St Mary's Medical Center Heliport WS53
St Marys Hospital Medical Center Heliport WS52
St Nicholas Hospital Heliport WS56
St Vincent Hospital Heliport 7WI3
St. Mary's Hospital Ozaukee Heliport WI08
Stevens Point Municipal Airport KSTE
Stocktrade Airport WI05
Stoiber Airport 44WI
Storytown Airfield WS33
Stupek Farms Airport 8WI8
Sugar Ridge Airport WS62
Sunny Slope Runway Airport WN28
Swan Airport WI70
Swan Field WS36
Sweetwater Bay Seaplane Base 30W
Swensen Airport 4WN2
Sylvania Airport C89
Syvrud Airport 7WI5
T-Bo Field Airport WI32
Tachick Field WS29
Tamarack Airport 9WI5
Taylor County Airport KMDZ
Taylorport Airport WN90
Tegeler Airport 27WI
Tesmer Airport 3WI2
Theda Clark Regional Medical Center Heliport WS35
Thiessen Field 34WI
Thompson Strawberry Farm Airport US-0130
Three Castles Airpark 4D1
Three Lakes Municipal Airport 40D
Timberline Airport WI47
Tomah Memorial Hospital Heliport WS61
Tomahawk Regional Airport KTKV
Town Line Airport WI79
Tri-Center Airport 49WI
Tri-County Regional Airport KLNR
Triple S Ranch Airport 82WI
Turkey Bluff Airport 7WI0
Turner Airport 4WI4
Turtle Airport WI02
Tuschen Airport 89WI
Uff-Da Airport 2WI1
Uw Hospital & Clinics Heliport WS27
Valhalla Airport 84C
Van Der Vaart Airport WN03
Vern Air Park WS60
Verona Airport W19
Vette/Blust Seaplane Base 96WI
Vetterkind Strip 73WI
Victory Memorial Hospital Heliport 11WI
Vietmeier Airport WS67
Viking Gas Transmission County Heliport 76WI
Vincent Airport 64C
Viroqua Municipal Airport KY51
Volk Field KVOK
Voyager Village Airstrip 9WN2
Wag-Aero Airport WI92
Walnut Wash Airport 6WI7
Walter's Agri-Center Airport WI28
Washington Island Airport 2P2
Watertown Municipal Airport KRYV
Waukesha County Airport KUES
Waukesha Memorial Hospital Heliport 6WI8
Waunakee Airport 6P3
Waupaca Municipal Airport KPCZ
Waupun Airport WI07
Waupun Memorial Hospital Heliport WS75
Wausau Downtown Airport KAUW
Wausau Hospital Center Heliport WS65
Wautoma Municipal Airport KY50
Weatherbee Field 7WI6
Weedhopper Meadow Airport WI71
West Bend Municipal Airport KETB
West Bend Municipal Helipad KZ23
Westosha Airport 5K6
Westosha Emergency Center Heliport WS57
Whitehall Fire Department Heliport 79WI
Whittlesey Cranberry Co Airport 29WI
Whoopy Hollow Aerodrome 65WN
Wild Rose Idlewild Airport W23
Will-Be-Gone Airport 6WI3
Williams Airport 1WI1
Willie's Airport 23WN
Willow Creek Airport WI77
Winch Airfield 6WI1
Windhaven Airport 72WI
Windsong Farm Airport 45WI
Winfield Airport WI58
Wisersky Airport 95WI
Wissota Airport 4WI0
With Wings And A Halo Airport 0WI7
Witi Tv Studio Building Heliport 74WI
Wittman Regional Airport KOSH
Wolf River Landing Strip 8WI5
Wolfgram Airport WS22
Wood Airport 8WI0
Woodland Airstrip 3WN7
Young Private Airport 06WI
Young Tactical Landing Site Airport WS20
Zanadu Airport WS04
Zink Airport 03WI